• Publisher: Hudson
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2007

Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 28
  2. Negative: 5 out of 28
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  1. Honeycomb Beat’s pretty damn fun for what it is, but can also be maddening mostly because the difficulty spikes about halfway through the Puzzle Mode. Still, it’ll give your brain one hell of a workout without having to shout "Blue" repeatedly into the DS’ mic.
  2. 90
    A well-crafted game with few glaring problems and a high, but manageable learning curve. I think its replay value is hurt somewhat by a lack of Wi-Fi play, where a player vs. player time attack mode could probably work really well, but since so many parts of the game are rock-solid, I’m willing to easily forgive it for not being present here.
  3. 80
    It's not an entirely new idea, but it executes it well and definitely crawls its way into your waking consciousness after a few too many rounds (surely you've had lucid "Tetris" dreams?).
  4. It would have been perfectly fine as a web game played with a mouse on some online game portal, but as a $30 portable game played on a system with no shortage of top-quality puzzle games, Honeycomb Beat isn't a contender.
  5. 60
    The touch controls work well, and while Honeycomb Beat suffers from a dangerous amount of redundancy, the gameplay is relatively fun and original.
  6. Honeycomb Beat just isn't as addictive or substantial as it needs to be to make it a classic.
  7. Edge Magazine
    The dozens of pre-prepared puzzles can be fiendish enough in themselves, but the option of dragging modifier icons on to tiles, changing the pattern with which they flip, enables high scores just as surely as it does enormous headaches. [June 2007, p.92]
  8. As it is, there’s little to keep you coming back for more, and your money is better spent elsewhere. Average at best.
  9. With misplaced difficulty spikes and limited replay value, an otherwise solid puzzler is outshone by others in its genre.
  10. Now I'm off to dust off my most recent copy of Tetris and play a real arcade puzzle game for a while.
  11. AceGamez
    Unfortunately Honeycomb Beat is devoid of quality and originality, and while I'd love to do a Jeremy Clarkson and go on drooling about its redeeming features for another few paragraphs after slagging it off so badly, it just doesn't have any - apart from its massive size, but sadly you'll be bored before you've even scratched the surface.
  12. A generic and boring DS game where the concept of challenge gets squashed by moronic trial and error.
  13. A lot of DS games have attempted originality – Honeycomb Beat actually accomplishes something. It’s an incredibly fun, obsession-producing puzzler that runs on brainpower.
  14. It will appeal to puzzle fans immensely; but the lack of multiplayer and slow, abstract puzzle-solving will not be for most.
  15. I liked puzzle mode the best, but wanted a little more. There is nothing else to this game. I guess you get what you pay for, but even at $20 it would have been nice to see a two-player mode.
  16. With a simple concept and some stylish design, Honeycomb Beat is a nice game to look at that ultimately doesn't go anywhere.
  17. At times as delightful as prancing down a beach with the girl of your dreams. At others, like lunching at Satan's table. Not really a game you love, more a game you grudgingly respect.
  18. Ultimately, Honeycomb Beat’s greatest asset and biggest shortfall is its inherent simplicity. The game is great to pick up and play anytime, but players may bore quickly depending on how much time they want to spend contemplating the puzzles. While its shiny presentation helps pass the time, its lack of interesting game modes does not.
  19. 65
    A unique and fun game. The problem lies in the fact that outside of the disappointingly short single-player there isn’t any incentive to keep playing.
  20. It's just missing that compulsive factor that separates a great puzzle game from all the rest. It doesn't have that “just one more time” sensation that keeps propelling you forward. And frankly, it gets so brutally tough that you'll be hard-pressed to keep at it, ultimately moving on to some other game.
  21. This game could have been much more fun if it wasn't so focused on imitating the others by measuring your brain aptitude. Instead, Hudson should have tried to make it more amusing, with more game modes, more bonuses and extras, and even a couple different puzzle concepts within the same game.
  22. 55
    This would have made a really good option in a collection of puzzle games, but it has a hard time standing on its own.
  23. Similar games can easily be played online for free via the Internet.
  24. 55
    Although we’ve seen examples in the past where simple concepts have made great puzzle games, Honeycomb Beat just doesn’t go the distance to provide an exciting experience.
  25. 60
    With such limited play options the enjoyment becomes dependent on depth, and this is where Honeycomb Beat's greatest shortcoming comes to light: longevity. Puzzle mode is quite extensive, but the joy wears off quickly as things get harder and you often find yourself stumped.
  26. 40
    It feels like Hudson got about halfway through developing it, got tired, and decided to call it quits.
  27. But with over 200 hundred puzzles to solve, two gameplay modes and some nifty unlockables this cool little puzzler is worth it.
  28. 70
    If tile-pattern puzzles are your cup of tea, this game might be the honey.

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