Hotel Dusk: Room 215 DS


Generally favorable reviews - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 57
  2. Negative: 1 out of 57
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  1. Though the hotel is seedy Hotel Dusk Room 215 is one place you won’t want to check out of any time soon.
  2. A class act. It may not be a cake walk the first time through, but for those who can deal with the occasional head scratching bouts of frustration, this game is another winning addition to the Nintendo DS library.
  3. 90
    If you're a sucker for a great story and don't mind a slow paced, puzzle filled adventure, Hotel Dusk has a room for you, so come on down, check in and get yourself involved in the mystery of room 215!
  4. The art style is flat-out amazing. The sepia tones and hand-drawn characters perfectly complement the game's mood and 1970's setting. The film noir themes that occur throughout the game are perfect, never over-the-top or cheesy.
  5. Like a good book, Hotel Dusk is a satisfying experience that you'll likely find yourself returning to beyond its initial fifteen hours. If it can be classified as a game, Hotel Dusk is one of the best on the DS.
  6. AceGamez
    Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is, all around, a stroke of genius. The dialogue is great, the storyline will pull you in and grab hold, the graphical presentation is simply phenomenal and the puzzles are a joy to solve, if a little easy and linear.
  7. Play Magazine
    Fun, uniquely designed and has an absorbing mystery to solve. [Mar 2007, p.70]
  8. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is not just a fun play, it's a good read. It's a classic PC-styled adventure with an emphasis on story and realized in a great way on DS hardware.
  9. Hotel Dusk is one of those games that should be used as Exhibit A in the discussion of games legitimacy as a storytelling medium, or even as art. A brilliant art and graphical style, innovative use of the DS’s features, and one of the best noir stories to be told recently in any medium add up to a must-play.
  10. Enough challenge and a well executed story to keep hardcore gamers interested, but interesting, unique and intuitive enough to draw in the Brain Age crowd as well.
  11. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    With a cast of well-written characters, branching conservations, and a cool interface, this is the adventure the DS has been dying for. [Feb. 2007, p.97]
  12. If you find that you're the kind of person that is willing to sacrifice a lot of gameplay for a compelling and engaging storyline, then you will absolutely love Hotel Dusk.
  13. If you enjoy mystery novels you'll find yourself immersed in this game in no time. You will be required to read a lot, but if you're patient enough and love reading as much as playing a game, this could become one of your richest and most interesting gaming experiences.
  14. 86
    The story was engrossing, getting me engaged from start to finish, and the 2D styles on the characters and environments gave the game some charm.
  15. Beware; even though Hotel Dusk has an intriguing story, great atmosphere and an interesting look, you have to like to read. Word heavy, Hotel Dusk won't appeal to gamers who need action and constant stimulation.
  16. 85
    If you’re not a fan of adventure games like Phoenix Wright, Maniac Mansion or Sam & Max this game won’t change your opinion on the genre. But if you’re like me and like to play one every now and then, this should be the next title you should pick up when the adventure genre bug bites.
  17. This game is unlike anything you'll have ever played before. From the sharp dialogue to the memorable graphics, this is a refreshing challenge for the weary adventure genre.
  18. Nintendo Gamer
    Engrossing tale told by master storytellers, with all the Noir-ish thrills of "The Big Sleep." Unless you're a hardcore action junkie, import now. [Apr 2007, p.62]
  19. In the end, I wish there would have been more items to find and more puzzles to solve, but the story is very detailed and uncovering the mysteries behind the different characters is very enjoyable.
  20. Hotel Dusk weaves an absorbing noir-style mystery with traditional adventure game elements and stylish presentation and does it all with a deft touch.
  21. Its design and gameplay are from the stone age, yet the story, writing, and characters are so interesting that it beckons you to keep playing, hoping to see what's around the next corner.
  22. Nintendo Power
    Impatient gamers looking for a little more action may want to look elsewhere, but they'll do so at the risk of missing our on yet another groundbreaking DS title. [Mar. 2007, p.88]
  23. 80
    Hotel Dusk is in a class of its own, with a vastly more interesting story and setting than its predecessor. It's stylish, intriguing, and unique -- definitely worth tracking down.
  24. The beautifully sketched graphics give Room 215 a unique style. Although the game grows tedious, thanks to what seems like endless, scrolling text, surprises pop up every few minutes that further the plot. Definitely play this game.
  25. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, Hotel Dusk fits the bill and then some. It has superb graphics featuring hand-drawn characters, a great storyline and very interesting characters that constantly had me wanting to find the next conversation to see what would happen next.
  26. If you like interactive adventure games, noir murder mysteries, and the unique capabilities of the DS then this is a no-brainer purchase.
  27. 80
    Though it is slow and subtle, it works out in the end, providing a great story that holds its own against the vast majority of current games. Now all you have to do is manage to find a copy.
  28. There's a lot more dialogue than some adventure players may be used to, but the characters have wonderfully distinct personalities. (Who doesn't love an old woman with an eyepatch drinking at the bar?)
  29. Although you will have to read a lot of text, the story pulls you in and the plot has its fair share of twists and turns.
  30. A great adventure with an interesting story that will keep you wondering throughout just what will happen next. If adventure games are your style, you won’t be disappointed with this one.
  31. It is a fantastic yarn beginning to end, with a satisfactory noir ending that leaves just enough unresolved stuff to allow a possible sequel.
  32. If you’re the kind of person who ranks plot as one of the most important features in a game, Hotel Dusk is worth the 15 hours it takes to beat, and another few hours to watch the story over again (and possibly unlock one of the multiple endings). However, if you’re looking for a game to bend you brain over with difficult puzzles and a thrilling exploration experience, you’d be better off with "Shadowgate."
  33. Games Master UK
    It's packed with style, intrigue and originality - super sleuths will love it. [Apr 2007, p.84]
  34. 80
    The game itself is compulsive and addictive until the point at which it sadly has to conclude.
  35. A stylish, noir-inspired adventure with a sophisticated plot and deep characters, Hotel Dusk is the place to stay for smart DS gamers.
  36. Some would say the puzzles are a touch easy at times, though there certainly are some corkers. If you are looking for action then try elsewhere, but if you fancy the old-fashioned pleasures of a great point 'n' click, then snap this up now, and enjoy one of the sharpest, coolest worlds seen in gaming for a long time.
  37. With rich characters brimming to the top with personality, an intriguing if highly coincidental plot, and tons of interesting uses of the DS, Hotel Dusk engages the mind and heart and takes players to an unexplored sector of the gaming universe and keeps them there for a long time.
  38. 79
    It's meant to be an interactive novel, but even so sometimes it's hard not to wish the characters would get to the point just so you can get to the next puzzle. Still, it's a significant improvement over the team's previous effort, and it's a nice revitalization of the point-and-click adventure genre on the Nintendo DS.
  39. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    A decent grown-up game for the DS with some neat ideas and a great plot, but the slow pace may frustrate people looking for a little more hard-boiled excitement. [Apr 2007, p.80]
  40. 75
    Hotel Dusk probably won't appeal to every DS gamer, as it requires a degree of patience and thoughtfulness that only the aged (and insane) are capable of. But anyone looking for a cerebral and deliberate challenge should definitely check out this cool and unique title; just be patient with it.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 94 Ratings

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  1. AnonymousMC
    Oct 3, 2009
    This game has truly captured what Nintendo DS is all about. Using the touch screen, the console itself and microphone, the game takes you onThis game has truly captured what Nintendo DS is all about. Using the touch screen, the console itself and microphone, the game takes you on an amazing mystery which you can lose yourself in. Do not underestimate Cing. This game should definitely be in the Top 5 and should be apart of everyone's collection. Full Review »
  2. Jun 1, 2016
    This game is the pinnacle of mystery point and click DS games, the unique mix of the awesome art stile and 3D world is fantastic and it willThis game is the pinnacle of mystery point and click DS games, the unique mix of the awesome art stile and 3D world is fantastic and it will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Full Review »
  3. Feb 15, 2014
    though I didn't find the gameplay in this game to be anything special the game does have some clever moments of puzzle solving and one of thethough I didn't find the gameplay in this game to be anything special the game does have some clever moments of puzzle solving and one of the best stories told on the ds. each character is memorable and have just as much importance to the plot as the main character and the story is full of shocking twists. special mention also goes to the comic book-ish animation which looks really cool. Full Review »