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  • Summary: Step into the shoes of the legendary hero, Indiana Jones, in an all new epic adventure! Set in the year 1939, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings follows the rogue archaeologist on an all-new globe-trotting quest. From San Francisco's Chinatown to the lush jungles of Panama, Indy must use his whip, fists and wits to fight through ruthless opposition as he spars with his nemesis, Magnus Völler, in a race for a relic of biblical proportions - the Staff of Moses. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features completely interactive environments, where players need to call upon their wits and daring to make each spring-loaded environment a weapon in order to dispense of foes in clever and unexpected ways. Also, embark upon thrilling action sequences that remain true to the spirit established in scenes such as Indy's pursuit of the motorcade in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine-cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the free-for-all aboard the tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. On the Nintendo DS, use the stylus as the whip to swing over pits, brawl with enemies and to explore the world.[LucasArts] Expand
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  1. A bit of a mish-mash, with environmental puzzles leading into distinct combat sections or explory bits. [Sept 2009, p.72]
  2. Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings could entertain the true fans of the archeologist but gameplay is a little boring, repetitive and linear too, and we can’t suggest the last work to advise us from this effort made in Lucas Art to anyone.
  3. Entertaining combat and quirky puzzles save this game from belonging in a museum.
  4. Poor production values, a boring story, and rigid gameplay make this an adventure best left alone. If there is ever a sequel on the DS, it will need a lot of polish before cracking its whip again.
  5. Even in its most blatantly obvious moments, the game’s plot is still distinctly Indy - minus that whole fun aspect, of course.
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  1. Aresman71
    Dec 26, 2009
    The game is fun, with better graphics than most DS games. It features loads of challenges and different puzzles to solve. The Cipher mode is also a whole new aspect and throws in another part to the game. The RPG format is also well done, although sometimes a bit annoying when you can't get to someplace that's right next to you. Expand
  2. alexb
    Sep 6, 2009
    It's good because the action in to it theres not much badwords in it.
  3. PiesiaP
    Jun 17, 2009
    The game is not bad, a smattering of puzzles and lots of whip use. The pistol is almost an afterthought (you only have six shots most of the time anyway). There are a variety of weapons in the environment (or weapons can be taken using the whip from opponents). The game (and many of the quests that make up the levels) is just too short. There are lots of individual save points, which is nice, and your game is saved auomatically. Really, many of the quests can be finished in two to five minutes and that's just not long enough. Overall a good game and I'm glad I got it, but it needs more depth. (that's why I'm not giving it a nine). There's too little here for a 40 dollar game, this should be 20 or 30 dollars max. YMMV. P. Expand