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  • Summary: Based on the Disney Channel comedy series, the game follows the Lucas brothers as they go about their everyday, but not so normal lives. It features other main characters from the show, including good friends Macy and Stella, and lets fans explore familiar locations including the brother's firehouse and school as seen in the television show. Players can also customize the JONAS band members' wardrobe for their daytime antics, as well as cool outfits for when they take the stage. Featuring interactive environments, JONAS allows players to collect musical notes to power up their guitars and then strike the right guitar chords to overcome obstacles and help the JONAS band members. The game also features hit songs from the "JONAS" television show. Fans can perform to the songs in concerts after each level is completed. In addition, JONAS includes access to DGamer, the online community exclusively for Disney gamers on the Nintendo DS, allowing them to chat with other players and unlock additional items in their game. [Disney Interactive Studios] Collapse
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  1. 75
    Disney Jonas is a very good game IF you are a fan of the Jonas Brothers. It has its flaws, but we're not expecting Mario or Zelda quality here. Pure fun for the fans.
  2. The nice cel-shading look cannot hide the game has almost nothing to offer. The mini games are bad, the levels all look the same and the size of the world is very limited. If you like the Jonas Brothers and are fond of wasting money, Disney Jonas is your game.
  3. 40
    Ultimately Jonas is just boring. The levels are repetitive hallways, the mini-games aren't challenging or engaging, and there are only a few songs in it, with a weak rhythm game attachment.
  4. Heavy on the boyband adoration, light on the gameplay. [Apr 2010, p.70]