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  • Summary: Games include the following: Circus Charlie: Take control of a clown named Charlie, making your way through a series of circus themed challenges such as jumping on trampolines, tightrope walking and swinging on the flying trapeze. Contra: In this original arcade shooter smash hit, take on the role of a hard boiled Marine as you single-handedly eradicate a deadly alien threat. Gradius: Customize the legendary Vic Viper space craft as you fly and shoot through hundreds of space enemies in this timeless shooter. Roc’N Rope: Play as an archaeologist and use your harpoon gun to swing across cliffs in search of legendary treasures, avoiding dangerous cavemen and dinosaurs along the way. Rush’N Attack: Players take on the role of a tough-as-nails special forces agent, rescuing prisoners of war and going head to head with endless waves of gun-toting enemies. Time Pilot: Zip back and forth through time in your futuristic fighter craft, saving your comrades while taking on enemies from different moments in history. Track and Field: Stake your claim for the gold medal, taking part in exciting competitions such as the 100 meter dash, long jump and javelin throw in this classic game of athletic prowess. Yie-Ar Kung Fu: Deflect shuriken, dodge swords and deliver ruthless high kicks while facing off one-on-one against a host of martial arts masters in merciless kung-fu matches. [Konami] Expand
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  1. 85
    For true arcade nuts there is even a mode where a second DS can be used as a controller for titles like Track & Field where mashing buttons is sure to distort your view of the action.
  2. A shining example of what a retro compilation should be.
  3. So if Konami Arcade Classics was a bag of Revels, I would happily munch my way to the bottom of the bag with very little spitting and surreptitious dog feeding. With far more good than bad, plenty of variety in the titles and some nice extras this collection sits proudly at the top of the DS retro compilation pile.
  4. What it comes down to, though, is that this package is full of what are some fantastic, fun games. All the extra stuff is cool, but even without it all, the games stand on their own.
  5. Every game is, however, garnished with good bonus content, such as the original leaflets (both in English and in Japanese for certain games), cover of the instructions manual, and even the boards inside the machines.
  6. There’s good stuff here (especially for what, two bucks a game?), but sometimes not even modern hardware can recreate the past very well.
  7. 60
    The uninspired title selection and painfully compromised presentation are heartbreaking disappointments, given the sheer amount of effort and love that Konami clearly put into the rest of the package. It's like sitting down for a meal at a four-star restaurant and opening the sterling silver lid covering your china plate...to find a cold White Castle burger sitting there.

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  1. BlueFalcon
    Apr 17, 2007
    I'm not a big fan of how they organized this collection. They play a little too much like they're on an emulator too. You have to press a 'insert coin' button to play. The game selection is decent, but it's weird how 1 screen is basically useless at all times. Expand