• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Mar 30, 2007

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 29
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  1. 60
    The uninspired title selection and painfully compromised presentation are heartbreaking disappointments, given the sheer amount of effort and love that Konami clearly put into the rest of the package. It's like sitting down for a meal at a four-star restaurant and opening the sterling silver lid covering your china plate...to find a cold White Castle burger sitting there.
  2. While you certainly won’t be disappointed with the quality of the conversions or the usability of the collection, the game's prolonged existence has almost deliberately been removed by the addition of infinite credits.
  3. Pick up a different arcade collection. Unless you're really interested in some of the lesser known (for a reason) titles, such as Circus Charlie and Pooyan, you can get the other marquee games elsewhere.
  4. A nice homage to the days when you had to line quarters on the rim of a cabinet just to secure your spot in line.
  5. A few painfully lame game choices hold the game back from being a full success.
  6. You won't enjoy every single one of the 15 games included, but Konami Classics has just enough good stuff to make it worthwhile.
  7. There’s good stuff here (especially for what, two bucks a game?), but sometimes not even modern hardware can recreate the past very well.
  8. The games provided on Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits are a mixed bag from mediocre to bad. Unless you are a collector of classic game series like this, there really isn’t any reason to add this to your collection.
  9. Arcade Hits is a thoughtful collection including some great games, loads of extras, and fun multiplayer options.
  10. 72
    A lot of them still have a nostalgic feel, and 2D games tend to age better than 3D visuals. Ditto with audio, though for more experienced gamers like me, these classic tunes bring back many fond arcade memories.

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  1. BlueFalcon
    Apr 17, 2007
    I'm not a big fan of how they organized this collection. They play a little too much like they're on an emulator too. You have to I'm not a big fan of how they organized this collection. They play a little too much like they're on an emulator too. You have to press a 'insert coin' button to play. The game selection is decent, but it's weird how 1 screen is basically useless at all times. Full Review »