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  • Summary: One of the most heralded action RPG franchises of all time, Legacy of Ys: Books I & II delivers the first two epic adventures of the famed saga on one cartridge, presented with a series of never-before-seen enhancements. [Atlus USA]
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  1. 85
    In the end, Legacy of Ys made the transition to DS well, presenting an enjoyable experience even to those who have played the games to death.
  2. Retro gamers will likely get more mileage out of Legacy of Ys: Books I & II than anyone who expects this to redefine the way that action RPGs are played on the DS.
  3. Not everyone will appreciate Legacy of Ys's retro charm, but if you're looking for a solid adventure not bogged down by needless convolution this one fits the bill. [Feb 2009, p.90]
  4. The inclusion of both Ys I & II along with multiplayer functionality gives players a good bit to wade through. Although, the simplistic action-RPG mechanics aren't compelling enough for a second playthrough, even though multiple difficulty levels are offered.
  5. 67
    Legacy of Ys: Book I & II is a basic, aged, budget remake of a classic RPG franchise, but it’s also a fun game at heart. True, you’ve done most of what the two games offer, but this is also a “roots” series, and as such some players will love going back and hearing the new music, seeing the animated cut scenes, and playing through the slightly updated design. For others though, the game’s more archaic elements will quickly add up, and make this one little more than a bragging rights piece of software or act of loyalty to the series.
  6. 60
    The only real downside here is the presentation – the updated art and menus are garish and much of the writing feels dashed off. Good thing Adol isn’t exactly the chatty type.
  7. Legacy is a little too "classic" for its own good; it needs more than a facelift to appeal to the modern gamer. [Mar 2009, p.95]

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