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  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. It takes the Lego brand and brilliantly merges it with another genre. It offers a great learning curve and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Definitely worth a look.
  2. And as with other LEGO titles, those deficiencies don’t keep LEGO Battles from being an engaging, satisfying RTS experience, especially for younger players or those looking for lighter fare. If that’s your angle, then this game is a solid buy.
  3. Although this is not a hardcore RTS by any stretch of the imagination, the cute LEGO storylines as well as the large maps and customizable free play options make this one lots of fun, and you may be surprised by how much you keep coming back.
  4. My only real big problem with LEGO Battles is that the pathfinding of your army is generally poor, especially if you need them to traverse a big chunk of the map. You can easily highlight a large group with the stylus by dragging a box over everyone, but they tend to get bottlenecked easily in tight passages, and you'll often find units that are still highlighted but have stopped moving for no reason other than because they've run into something.
  5. LEGO Battles won’t offer the slightest challenge to an avid RTS fan. But overall I can’t complain too much. I had fun, got in a few laughs, and kept coming back for more. Sometimes that’s enough.
  6. I am a fan of this title, because it moves the series forward in a positive direction even if some other things are sacrificed.
  7. A solid strategy title for younger gamers. A little polish wouldn't have hurt though. [Sept 2009, p.82]
  8. It’s a Lego game, by and large, disguised as a lite RTS title. Whatever it is, Lego Battles is still a fairly good game, but these complaints keep it from being anything more than that.
  9. A good game with lots to unlock and good multiplayer support. But do please be warned: if it’s Lego you’re after, this title probably isn’t for you.
  10. Lego does real-time strategy and makes it look easy - rather too easy as far as the difficultly goes.
  11. 70
    If LEGO charm and pantomimed humor is reason enough for you to play a game, then there is plenty of it in LEGO Battles. If you need more than that, and are over the age of 10, then this game probably isn't for you. It's cute, and it works, but the storyline is far too repetitive to be that long, and the game never cranks the challenge past "cakewalk."
  12. Bothersome control issues won't keep you from enjoying this charming strategy game.
  13. LEGO Battles is reminiscent of those late 80's and early 90's real-time strategy games in terms of gameplay but the most annoying aspect of the title is that the developers could not master the path finding skills of the characters which forces the gamer to monitor all their units.
  14. The DS is starved of RTS action, but Lego Battles never ramps up enough to inspire. [Oct 2009, p.74]
  15. A simple, solid strategy game, but one that never becomes more than the sum of its (easily clicked together) parts. [Sept 2009, p.67]
  16. LEGO Battles certainly drops the baton on a couple of essential basics, but its light-hearted tone, unit variety, hidden trinkets, and sheer volume of maps keep it a good value for dedicated fans of this angular toy world.
  17. 60
    For the most part the touch screen provides a great interface for constructing buildings and managing units. Unfortunately, poor path finding and AI tarnishes the experience and adds a great deal of frustration to the mix.
  18. Seen as an entry level RTS, Lego Battles is a great game. It teaches the basics of resource management well and it never really becomes to complicated or stressful. This unfortunately also means that it won't peak your interest for long. After a while it will become overly simplified for anyone who's ever played strategy games before.
  19. Lego Battles does a good job as introduction to the real time strategy-genre, but lacks in tempo and control. Gamers who already are familiar to the genre may find it to simple and should go for another game. And seriously, do we really need more games in Lego?
  20. 60
    At the end of the day, adults most likely won't find much long-lasting entertainment in LEGO Battles. But in short bursts, there is some fun to be had in revisiting a piece of your childhood.
  21. Fun and entertaining, Lego Battles is an ideal game for young kids. A great game for recreating Lego battles on a console. It's extremely simple, and it lacks something on its technical side, specially gameplay-wise, but overall a good game for kids.
  22. Lego Battles is a simple strategy game, not very original in its conception, although it has an important factor which can help it to succeed: the LEGO franchise.
  23. LEGO Battles is a RTS especially developed for children: some will find it too easy, yet it is undeniable LEGO always charms the most nostalgic players. However, LEGO Battles still delivers a solid and appealing gameplay and a very funny multiplayer mode: such a nice couple of features, yet not enough to deserve it a very good mark.
  24. An RTS without strategical depth. Sharp look, nice unit design, ad an impressive amount of extras, but a complete failure on the gameplay side.
  25. 55
    The bones of the game are brittle and frail since the basics of a RTS games are never fully realized but LEGO Battles will be remembered in case studies as an experiment of how to implement RTS controls into a DS game.
  26. And the most basic element of LEGOs - building things from blocks - is entirely absent. [July 2009, p.86]
  27. If you're an adult who loves Legos and lives with his parents, this game is for you. Anyone else over the age of 12 is going to want something with more depth, and besides, making a game childishly easy is not the way to fix broken controls. Any kid can tell you that.
  28. The controls frustrate, the missions bore and the multiplayer has the potential of being quite unfair. While the basic idea is sound, the failure to implement its features in a compelling way makes LEGO Battles one you can easily skip.
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  1. Oct 24, 2011
    This game is by no means a perfect game, but it's not nearly as bad as what most of the critics say. The first thing worth noting is that this game is nothing like the Lego games that have come out earlier (Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, etc.). Where those games were more on arcade style action, this one is real time strategy, a game genre that is usually only available on computers. This, however, came out on the Nintendo DS. Surprisingly, for a genre that's more popular on computers, they actually did a pretty decent job. Of course, this game would be so much better on a Windows, but this strategy game is still pretty good on the DS. This game may be different then Warcraft, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. It has a lot of funny cutscenes, great gameplay moments, and fun campaigns. However, the gameplay, while it's fun, does have its faults. As I said earlier, the campaigns are enjoyable, but the instant action battles leave a lot to be desired. They can be very short, and often times boring. The campaigns more then make up for this however. The graphics could be better, but I still like them anyway. The pixelized graphics are alright, but they do lack detail. I think that this game is totally underrated. Full Review »