LifeSigns: Surgical Unit DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 17
  2. Negative: 4 out of 17
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  1. 85
    I'm having trouble typing this today, as my left hand is sore from playing Lifesigns so much yesterday. And when a game compels me to play to the point of arthritis, that my friends, is a good thing.
  2. 83
    However, if you want a Phoenix Wright style visual novel that's set in a hospital where surgeries are there to accent the character interaction, then definitely check out Lifesigns: Surgical Unit.
  3. Medical students, or those interested in the medical field, will be interested in this rendition of hospital life as opposed to the fictional storyline from Trauma Center. [JPN Import]
  4. Lifesigns for the Nintendo DS is a deep and involving virtual medical drama that might not be as endearing as Trauma Center but it is still a DS game well worth playing.
  5. It's mostly successful, aside some bothersome repetition and a handful of other moments where the momentum lags. Fans of anime and hospital dramas will undoubtedly want to scrub-in to see what LifeSigns is all about. They'll be rewarded with an excellent story and some so-so surgical action.
  6. Nintendo Gamer
    Technically clumsy and laughably silly, but it's still oddly endearing. [Jan 2008, p.56]
  7. While the stories presented in the episodes are actually quite enjoyable, the trial-and-error nature of fact-gathering coupled with the inability to skip conversations makes furthering the narrative a tedious and frustrating process.
  8. Games Master UK
    Heavy on text, low on game, which makes it less fun than "Trauma Center." [Christmas 2007, p.84]
  9. A mostly successful operation with a couple of unsightly scars.
  10. Outside of the OR, however, LifeSigns’ bedside manner is far from pleasant.
  11. There is nothing inherently wrong with LifeSigns, but the ratio of hospital soap opera to actual gameplay is insanely high, making most of the experience a wordy one that will fail to draw in those who couldn’t care less about which bone is connected that bone.
  12. 55
    I admit, the characters in this game occasionally made me smile. But they weren’t nearly charming enough to justify the hours and hours of wandering and chatting through this dull, unfocused game.
  13. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Attractive set-up based on the atmosphere of a TV series unfortunately suffers by the unbalance of gameplay features and slips to boredom gibberish which kills the funnier parts. [Aug 2008]
  14. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Frustratingly, it plays more like an interactive story book than a videogame. [Jan 2008, p.78]
  15. The typically anime characters are great for a laugh, and you occasionally learn a medical term or two with which to impress your girlfriend, but overall, playing LifeSigns is like being operated on by a chimpanzee without anesthetic.
  16. The game is all over the map. The story is interesting and gives a little peek into Japanese society. The graphics are fantastic, but the music is horrible. Finally, the fact you can’t actually do anything to affect any of the game’s outcomes is somewhat ridiculous, and in the end makes it difficult to recommend.
  17. About as mind-numbing as brain surgery, Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs concerns itself too much with gossip rather than gameplay. It's an utterly dull game that's better left on the operating table.

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#44 Most Shared DS Game of 2007
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  1. DanielV.
    Nov 20, 2007
    LifeSigns is a fantastic game, and easily one of the most enjoyable text adventures I've ever played. Highly recommended.