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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Take your puzzle-solving skills to new heights in Link 'n' Launch, a puzzle game in which you must move tiles to create a path that connects fuel to your rocket, blasting it through space. Complete the basic training mode to learn how to play Link 'n' Launch, and then buckle in for the ride through the robust Missions and Puzzles modes. Missions mode has you propelling the rocket through space to reach the target planet within a three-minute time limit, while Puzzles mode challenges you to clear all fuel and pipe tiles from the screen. In both modes, not only do you need to create a path to keep your rocket fueled, but you'll also have to account for immovable tiles and special tiles that upgrade your rocket or give you additional time to complete the level, all while keeping your rocket's flight path within the established boundaries. The launch countdown has begun – are you prepared? [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. Link 'n' Launch may not be the most innovative new title from Intelligent Systems, but it's still a blast to play.
  2. Links' n Launch is an original puzzle game. The main mode will test player's reflexes and ability to move objects in space, while the puzzle mode contains 100 intricate logic diagrams.
  3. It looks cute and sounds great, but it takes too long to grasp its mechanics. [Oct 2010, p.93]
  4. But despite sounding infuriatingly complicated, Link 'n' Launch very quickly gets under your skin. The only problem is it's a bit lightweight. With just 10 missions and 100 pretty simple puzzles to barrel through, you're soon left wanting more.
  5. Link 'n' Launch is easily one of the more unique puzzlers you're ever likely to play. It takes a very basic gameplay premise and moulds a unique outer space puzzle theme around it all. Intuitive touchscreen controls and an extremely basic set of gameplay objectives make the game easy to pick up but difficult to put down.
  6. One of the better puzzle downloads on DSi, but still unlikely to hold your interest beyond a few hours.
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  1. Jan 3, 2012
    I bought this off the DS store, hoping it would be akin the Pipe Dream (which I haven't played in years....but would probably be playing as regularly as I play the various iterations of Tetris, were newer versions of Pipe Dream available). It's really not akin to Pipe Dream, aside from the rough description of 'laying out a path.' But this particular game....really not very fun. I find the controls more awkward than fun. Now I kinda wish I could have my $4 back....but whatever. No refunds from the DS store, no matter what kind of drek they get you to buy. (Which reminds about some trial versions, nintendo? It's part of the reason I don't have any spite for buying games off xbox live....and really, when Microsoft is more 'customer friendly' than you, you're doing something wrong.) Expand