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  • Summary: (Also known as "Bakushow" in the UK/EU) A unique, free-form gaming experience, LOL’s motto says it best: “If the game is boring, then you are boring.” LOL is played by one of the players making a challenge in writing to the others. The crazier the challenge, the more fun everyone will have. The person who delivered the challenge chooses an appropriate time limit, and everyone has to answer the challenge on their touch screen however they see fit – with words, pictures, or whatever comes to mind. The host reveals the answers, and everyone votes on a winner who will then decide on the challenge for the next round. Always different and a blast to play every time, LOL will, as its name implies, make everyone laugh out loud. [Agetec] Expand
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  1. Bakushow is the very definition of a cheap and cheerful game - perfect for those whose wit is as sharp as their stylus. [Sept 2008, p.96]
  2. 80
    If you find yourself the baffled over ways to entertain your guests at a gathering, it might be money well spent.
  3. As Chandler once said on Friends, this game is silly because it knows that “we enjoy the silliness.” Hmmm, that gives me an idea for another challenge.
  4. While LOL is a good idea and genuinely is a lot of fun, it lacks many necessary features and options to make it recommendable over just using Pictochat.
  5. A rough draft for what could become a masterpiece, Bakushow is messy, unfinished and not yet worth the money.
  6. In short, LOL is not worth it. The complete lack of single-player gameplay in any form, of enough actual gameplay to make a full game out of it, or, well, anything of interest that you cannot do with Pictochat makes its premise essentially useless to pretty much all players.
  7. Congratulations, you just spent $20 on 10 minutes of gameplay! [Aug 2008, p.91]

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