• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Apr 25, 2006

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 44
  2. Negative: 3 out of 44
  1. Sure, it’s got one of the most horribly cliched and overused plots in existence, but it’s saved by a wonderfully implemented spell casting system that will leave you experimenting and developing your character’s capabilities long after the Story Mode has gone stale.
  2. The game might have a number of faults but the enjoyment of the battling makes up for it, add to that the WiFi duelling and you’ll be glued to your DS for a long time.
  3. If you own a DS, buy it. If there is a gaming bone in your body, you will be more than happy with the purchase. I don’t know if I would call Lost Magic a system seller, but put the game together with the new DS Lite and you’ve got a pretty compelling argument.
  4. 90
    An unexpected treat. I'm terribly grateful to Ubisoft for bringing it to the US and Europe in such a timely manner.
  5. Maybe the game relies on the magic system a little too much, but it's that system that keeps Lost Magic from ever being lost.
  6. LOSTMAGIC has a gracious feeling on DS and at the same time it entertains players because of the scenes and storyline, it gives a great difficulty, raising the wish to continue and finish the game.
  7. By all accounts it is great fun and adds a lot to the game, but I don’t know anyone who owns Lost Magic (or a DS, for that matter), and I’m averse to playing with strangers. Still, I’ve gotten a lot of value from my purchase already.
  8. The only downside to this game as a whole is the fact that the main focus is the spell-casting system and the ability to control and upgrade groups of monsters; the further into the game you get, the more the plot takes a backseat to the spell gameplay and strategic battles. [JPN Import]
  9. A really strong contender for dark horse game of the year. If good word of mouth can get out there then the game will see a deserved sequel.
  10. LostMagic is definitely for everyone. It incorporates different genres such as RPG, RTS, and action adventure to create an experience that is sure to bring you many hours of entertainment.
  11. LostMagic is a role-playing game that starts well and gets deeper and better as you spend more time with it.
  12. 73
    LostMagic is a solid offering for handheld fans clamoring for a good roleplaying game. A weak storyline and some other minor problems keep this from being a classic along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but the large variety of spells and monsters and WiFi multiplayer support should keep players entertained for many hours.
  13. 65
    The control is give and take, the design is amazingly deep, and the experience is rewarding as long as you can get passed the frustration that will ensue from time to time.
  14. The multiplayer modes are a wonderfully nice touch, but the horrible pathfinding and AI get in the way of this being as good of a game as it truly could be.
  15. 60
    Lost Magic lacks a compelling story or decent balance for the single-player mode, so Wi-Fi battles are pretty much the selling point here. The question is whether or not that's enough, in your opinion, to overcome the game's innate shortcomings.
  16. Would have made a better GBA game.
  17. 70
    Lost Magic strives to accomplish something innovative and enjoyable, it falls short in its implementation, resulting in a game that frustrates and disappoints.
  18. 70
    For a first attempt at a new idea, this is a pretty solid game, and worth a look for most RPG fans. The worst part? You just know any sequel's going to have a lot more than 396 spells to remember. End the madness!
  19. 40
    Lost Magic for the Nintendo DS combines all the fun of drawing letters, trying to remember arcane symbols, dying repeatedly, cursing like a sailor at having died repeatedly, and getting carpal tunnel syndrome repeatedly tapping a stylus against a touch screen in order to fast-forward through a series of conversations that manage to be simultaneously inane and overlong.
  20. If it weren’t for the terrible plot, awful A.I., frustrating missions, and rampant slowdown, it might boil down to some magic worth finding. In the end, this weird hybrid is a mage of many schools, but a master of none.
  21. Lost Magic is somewhat short for a role-playing game, taking probably a dozen or so hours to complete (even with the replaying based on difficulty), but the stories work well within that structure.
  22. It plays to the DS' strengths, and when it all clicks, it's a lot of fun. Just be prepared to brute force your way through a lot of frustrating misfires if you decide to go for it.
  23. 60
    A competent, enjoyable game with lots of depth and strategy options, sadly spoiled by the aforementioned niggles.
  24. Furiously frustrating. The game pitch works wonderfully in the realm of theory but in practice its problems undermine most of the flashes of brilliance.
  25. Its presentation and entirely un-engaging story let it down, but the game itself is very much worth playing after those suffocating first few hours. [June 2006, p.127]
  26. In the end, though there is little average about either its elegant successes or its needless failings, between them they leave Lost Magic hanging in the balance. [June 2006, p.97]
  27. LostMagic is not perfect, but it is an exceedingly fun and strikingly original RPG that will test your skills more than any other DS game on the market. [Jun 2006, p.84]
  28. 80
    Taito, the company ultimately responsible for the game, didn't steal from us, the spell system is engaging, the battles are amusing and the Wi-Fi battles are enthralling, making for one truly unique game experience. It's too bad that the graphics and sound are something out of a Game Boy game.
  29. Lost Magic is another brilliant and original game concept for the DS. I would even say it could become a classic if it were not for the few issues that taint the experience.
  30. Half of it is flashy, imposing and slightly annoying. The other half demands your blood, sweat and tears. [June 2006, p.48]
  31. A slice of Pokemon, a dash on "Pikmin," a little bit of frustration - but a lot of fun. [June 2006, p.76]
  32. LOSTMAGIC’s unique real-time battle system is weighed down by some frustrating issues, but it is an interesting game nonetheless.
  33. Overall, I found this game to be entertaining with some issues that definitely get in the way of good game play. Hopefully, a future sequel or similar style game will improve on the issues that have been pointed out. Lostmagic has a great core to build a future game around – hopefully Taito takes the chance to do so in the future.
  34. Overall, choosing whether you want to buy LostMagic or not is really dependent on two things. One is how much you want the excellent rune drawing, and the other is how much you don’t want to deal with the incompetent ally AI.
  35. If you need a more engrossing storyline, though, or get easily aggravated by the “little” things that keep you from virtual victory, pass it up.
  36. I really wanted to like this game, and I really hope the rune-drawing system is used again for a different title, because it really is fantastic, but the RTS mechanics are unresponsive, and the timed missions are more of a hindrance than a challenge.
  37. I just think the game fails at some very small but critical facets, and as a result the game has lost some of the charm it could have had.
  38. The real-time combat adds an element of urgency, but the repetitive battles and clumsy controls dull that edge early on. [Jun 2006, p.118]
  39. A solid gameplay mechanic in search of a home.
  40. Online multiplayer matches fare a little better, as the thrill of assaulting your friends with monster rushes and souped-up spells momentarily overshadows the lingering control and A.I. issues. [Jun 2006, p.121]
  41. Parts of LostMagic are brilliant. But that brilliance gets bogged down in physical awkwardness and bad artificial intelligence.
  42. 60
    Despite the game's shortcomings in terms of its presentation and play quirks, it still scores in one major category- multiplayer.
  43. While the symbol-drawing controls and cunning elemental system are deep and enjoyable, the rest of the game drags it down to a level of tedium from which even the competent multiplayer can't rescue it.
  44. All and all it is a satisfying game, but it could have been a lot better, especially when it comes to those nasty time limits.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 31 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. Nov 15, 2013
    One of the most creative and fun RTS games ever. Certainly the best available on the DS. The reviews aren't great for this game but give it aOne of the most creative and fun RTS games ever. Certainly the best available on the DS. The reviews aren't great for this game but give it a chance, you might love it as much as I do. Highly recommended! Full Review »
  2. Oct 13, 2013
    I know it is extremely late to be writing a review for this game, but I just picked it up used and loved it! The combination of simple RTSI know it is extremely late to be writing a review for this game, but I just picked it up used and loved it! The combination of simple RTS gameplay with frantic DS scribbling is entertaining and engaging. That's what the game is all about too, so I won't even knock more than one point off for the story. I have had so many last minute wins/losses in this game! I wish I had picked it up earlier so I could play online, because I'm sure that would be very interesting with the sheer variety of spells (read strategies) available. I got stuck in single player a few times as I'm sure some of the professional critics did, but go online and you can get the tip you need to move on. After you figure out that the game isn't strictly rock-paper-scissors, then you can start building attack plans in new and sometimes esoteric ways my best record for a battle was 11 seconds because of one such maneuver enjoy the game if you can find a used copy! Full Review »
  3. Apr 8, 2011
    I got this game in 2007, looking for a decent RPG. Unfortunately, this game is severely lacking, falling victim to the issues that seem to beI got this game in 2007, looking for a decent RPG. Unfortunately, this game is severely lacking, falling victim to the issues that seem to be plaguing the genre as a whole in the past decade or so. Only recently was I willing to pick it back up and play it through. Graphics and artwork are excellent. The storyline is a sub-par and quite predictable. The combat system DROVE ME INSANE. I can't draw to save my life, and my handwriting isn't great either, so I found the rune casting system to be very unforgiving. I frequently found myself failing to cast my runes frequently through the entire game. I do agree that it's nothing to judge till you're at least 2-5 hours in, but that's only because the battle system takes about that long (or longer) to become complex enough to be interesting. It's not awful, but in all honesty, it sat in my closet for four years. Take that as you will. Full Review »