• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2007
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 21 Ratings

Summary: One thousand years ago, dragons and Witches warred against God for the fate of the world. God's power was triumphant, but it was a difficult struggle, and the deity sent Himself into a deep sleep to recover from the terrible wounds he suffered in the battle. Ten years ago, the Church has proclaimed that a great event will soon occur: God will be reborn, and the world will be led into a new golden age under His guidance. However, this news is coupled with a grave warning: the Witches will soon reappear to begin the millennia-old conflict once again. Take control of the Garden Children, a group of fighters and mages trained since childhood and dedicated to eradicating the Witch threat, and discover the mysteries behind their return, their motives, and their history. Create new weapons and equipment with the Vitae Imbuing system. Strengthen your friendship with comrades and improve your attacks on the battlefield. Compare your friends' strategic prowess against your own with Wi-Fi multiplayer. A variety of unique characters drive an epic story featuring voiced dialogue. [Atlus Software]
Rating: T
Developer: Image Epoch
Genre(s): Fantasy
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Alcohol Reference, Language, Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
Online Modes:Competitive
Cast Credit
Yasunori Mitsuda Music
Hidenori Suzuki Sound Programmer
Mie Sonozaki Saki (Voice)
Yuu Asakawa Mavi (Voice)
Satoshi Taki Kingston (Voice)
Tomoki Oda Main Designer
Taichi Sasaki Backround Designer
Masato Hijikata Payan Payan (Voice)
Nobuyuki Kobushi Poron Poron (Voice)
Hitoshi Tanaka Programmer
Kazumi Mitome Music Composer
Shota Kageyama Music Composer
Hideyuki Mizutani Producer
Shizuka Itou Vanessa (Voice)
Aya Hirano Lucia (Voice)
Shibano Kaito Character Design
Yuko Sanpei Theo (Voice)
Suzuna Kinoshita Alice (Voice)
Yoriko Nagata Therese (Voice)
Saiga Mitsuki Johannes (Voice)
Takashi Ohara Kai (Voice)
Naoki Makishima Hugo (Voice)
Akari Kaida Music Composer
Oda Kaori Opening Theme "Brilliant World"
Oda Kaori Opening Theme "Brilliant World"
Ryoei Mikage Director
Amanda Winn-Lee Lucia (English Voice)
Taku Harada Main Programmer
Katsuhisa Honda Network Programmer
Masahiro Iwasa Director
Hikaru Nanako Director
Toyohide Andoh Effect Designer
Hiroaki Uchiumi Backround Designer
Yusuke Motomura Backround Designer
Asami Kidani Backround Designer
Hiroyoshi Osawa Backround Designer
Masaru Shimatani Backround Designer
Noboru Yamaguchi Programmer
Masahiro Torii Battlefield Designer
Maiko Shimura Scenario Writer
Wendee Lee Theo (English Voice)
Michelle Ruff Claire (English Voice)
Michelle Ruff Saki (English Voice)
Dave Wittenberg Kingston (English Voice)
Dave Wittenberg Nikolai (English Voice)
Doug Erholtz Leon (English Voice)
Richard Epcar Andre (English Voice)
Stephanie Sheh Vivi (English Voice)
Vic Mignogna Alph (English Voice)
Yuri Lowenthal Heath (English Voice)
Karen Strassman Cecille (English Voice)
Keiji Fujiwara Leon (Voice)
Chiwa Saito Mell (Voice)
Akira Ishida Alf (Voice)
Daisuke Kishio Nicolas (Voice)
Fumiko Orikasa Cecille (Voice)
Sayaka Ohara Claire (Voice)
Norio Wakamoto Andre (Voice)
Kousuke Toriumi Heath (Voice)
Masayo Kurata Wiwi (Voice)
Akiko Kimura Iris (Voice)
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