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  • Summary: All-New Read & React System: New player skill icons identify on-field strengths and weaknesses, providing an immediate read on what your opponent is giving you. Quickly react, create mismatches, and exploit opponent weaknesses before every play. Wi-Fi Enabled Multiplayer: Play head-to-head against a friend over Wi-Fi, including single-card mode that allows you to challenge anyone with a Nintendo DS, or play with up to seven other players in Wireless mode. An All-New Look and Feel: A redesigned Touch Screen menu system makes it easier to find and play all game modes. Use all-new Touch Screen controls to score touchdowns and kick field goals in Paper Football, an old-time classic made exclusively for the Nintendo DS. [EA Sports] Expand
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  1. Madden NFL 08 is a solid, feature-rich football game. Furthermore, all of the various minor improvements make it the best Madden to hit the DS yet.
  2. Football is finally good on DS. Madden NFL 08 is solid where it counts, and the small problems that do exist aren't bad enough to pull the game down.
  3. But even with its faults, this is the best DS Madden title. [Oct 2007, p.87]
  4. A huge improvement over previous versions. It's obvious EA wanted to treat the DS platform as a unique entity and not a place to dump a half-assed port. While the graphics won't be winning any awards, it's at least passable now and won't make your eyes bleed.
  5. It's not without faults but thanks to an excellent multiplayer mode and a vast number of gameplay options, this takes the series to a new high on DS.
  6. It has improved better than anyone could've expected. A step forward always beats a step backward. Players left with no choice but their cherished portable should definitely check it out, especially for some paper wedge-flicking action.
  7. Handheld Madden shines brightly this season, just not on the DS. If you're ready for some portable football, the PSP version is by far the best choice.

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  1. Dec 29, 2011
    i already have to say and did notice that it has a quite solid quality for being under the circumstances of being on the ds. the gameplay is very realistic and for all the different mini-games and game modes it is quite well. but yes, if you do have a console get madden08 or on and on for that. also the graphiics are pretty good for what ds quality your playing with here. i think if you have a ds and want a game like madden08 go and get it because thats your right pick. Expand
  2. EricC.
    Aug 26, 2007
    Obviously, if you have a console, the best way to play Madden is on a 360 or PS3. But don't shy away from the DS version. Ports rarely fare well on the handheld, but this time, you get a shockingly deep football sim. It didn't think that tiny cartridge could hold a franchise mode and a create-a-team, player, and uniform. You also have all the team management you expect from the pricier versions. The only thing that noticeably suffers from these features is the music. There's only 3 songs in the entire game, so expect to hear them a lot. The graphics are decent for a DS game, and the controls work well. But with almost every football sim, playing defense is a futile chore. You just have to hope you can score more touch downs than they do. And yeah, you can play online. So in the end, there really isn't a better way to spend your time on a plane/bus/train. This is a surprisingly solid game. Expand