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  • Summary: (Also known as "Actionloop" and "Puzzleloop") Marbles are exclusively controlled by the stylus in this title that satisfies even the strongest puzzle addiction. Marbles are rolling relentlessly down a twisted track toward you. Stop them by launching launch new marbles with your stylus. When three or more like-colored marbles match up, they vanish. Tons of power-ups, multiple tracks and a great multiplayer mode make Magnetica a must for puzzle/action fans. Innovative use of stylus to flick marbles.Ultrarealistic magnetic physics: Launched marbles will curve toward like-colored balls. Three single-player modes: Challenge, Quest and Puzzle. Multiple paths and scads of power-ups and hazards will keep you on your toes. Consult the all-in-one dashboard on your top screen. Show off your Magnetica personalty by battling a friend head-to-head. Single-player items boost your score, slow down or stop time, or reverse the course of the marbles. Versus weaponry includes Ion Clouds (smoke screens you'll have to blow away via the DS mic), Recoils (which block marbles), Black Holes (which suck up launched marbles), Viruses (which deflect marbles) and Gravitons (which alter the path of launched marbles). A seemingly endless array of fresh twists will keep drawing you back to single-player Magnetica. Switches, tracks that pass over or below each other, and moving barriers that deflect marbles will keep you flicking marbles for hours. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 33
  2. Negative: 1 out of 33
  1. Magnetica is no Tetris DS but it certainly is an addictively enjoyable Nintendo DS game puzzle fans will definitely want to have when they’re in the mood for a good portable puzzler.
  2. 80
    Magnetica, while simple in premise, is a great puzzle game for those looking something more than a Tetris clone. The action is fast and hectic, and the touch-screen controls are responsive, giving the whole game a very polished feel.
  3. All the qualities you'd want from a puzzle game. Classy. [Mar 2007, p.84]
  4. Magnetica is a good, solid rendition of its chosen formula, but there isn't necessarily enough to the package to pull you away from your current addiction to any of the DS's other, better puzzle games.
  5. Ultimately, despite the pleasing use of the stylus, there aren't enough original ideas to make it stand out from the crowd.
  6. The biggest problem with a game like Magnetica is that whilst a puzzle game is supposed to be the kind of thing a casual gamer can just pick up and bash through, because of Magnetica's often seemingly impossible levels, the frustration of the lack of progress hinders its long term appeal.
  7. Though Magnetica is a decent little puzzler, it’s also available all over the Internet in a million different versions, almost all of which are cheaper than this full $34.99 price tag. You're intelligent enough of a consumer to know that makes this a hard sell, and in this case, knowing is half the puzzle.

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Score distribution:
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  1. TonyG.
    Aug 1, 2006
    game is amazing puzzler!! fun from start. if you like puzzle/casual games, this is a must. very relaxing and the sound is amazing! like pool balls hitting each other.stylus works awsome. reminds me of ballistic for ps1. puzzloop as well. also see if you can track down any of nintendos bit generations games for th gba/ds. all the 7 games are incredibly addicting. orbital is #1. import only on those titles. Collapse
  2. Blade
    Jul 30, 2006
    really fun. lots of replay value great multiplayer. highly recommended.
  3. LaurelO.
    Jun 17, 2006
    The graphics are very polished, and the clicks of the marbles very satisfying. The different modes give you more to do than just clear a trail of marbles, and it gets extra points for having single card play. A nice break from tetris, but if you don't have meteos yet, get meteos first. Expand