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  • Summary: Players assume the role of either a human male character named Vent or his female counterpart, Aile, who are employees of the Girouette Express, a courier service that takes jobs transporting anything to anywhere. On a job accompanying their boss, Girouette, to transport a package containing Model X and Model Z Biometals, they are attacked by a mysterious group of Mavericks who seeks to take the material for themselves. During the scuffle, the Model X Biometal is absorbed into the main character, causing a transformation into Model X form while the Model Z Biometal fuses with Girouette. Facing innumerable enemies, Girouette lends his newfound power to his employee and the two substances combine to form Model ZX. With powerful abilities at their disposal, they must discover who the menacing enemies are and what they are ultimately after. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 37
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  1. It’s safe to say that any fan of old-school Mega Man games will love ZX. Whether you’re familiar with the series or not, though, be sure that this is a must-have for anyone looking for a superb platformer on the handheld DS.
  2. If you’ve liked any Mega Man game ever, Mega Man ZX is a must buy.
  3. I love the gameplay mechanics of this game and it controls wonderfully. The level designs are perfect and remind me of the games in the past.
  4. Mega Man ZX is a good, though not perfect, action game that does justice to the Mega Man series.
  5. Building on the series' heritage, Mega Man ZX is a refined title that, although not without flaws, brings quality action platforming to the DS.
  6. Pretty, playable, but predictable. [Oct 2007, p.85]
  7. 50
    There is nothing to recommend within this game cart to anyone who isn’t an uber-fan of the series, when there is much better fun to be had on both the DS and the GBA already – and for a much cheaper price.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 1 out of 10
  1. RaymundoR.
    Sep 26, 2007
    I'm a great fan of megaman and this game tops them all. it's anime cuts are the bomb. they might be in japanese but at least it has english subtitles. i all ready reserved it's sequel Megaman ZX Advent. i have read many previews of both games and they all agree with me that it's the best one yet. P.S. The megaman starforce game is not too far from this one. Expand
  2. Salamitsunami
    Sep 17, 2006
    seriously, one of the best games I have ever played, not just on the DS. if you own a DS, and have ever LOOKED at a megaman game this is a must-buy. simply fantastic open-ended gameplay, I think it's almost the best game for the system right now. tough choice between this, nsmb and starfox. Expand
  3. MegmManFanX
    Oct 25, 2007
    Capcom has a winner on their hands. The mission system, while stupid in some eyes, is a nice twist! And the map is easy to navigate with a decent amount of skill. The bosses also provide good challenge, with secret bosses like Omega Zero and Fenri Lunaedge. However, with all it's ups, there are some downs. The story is predictable, and despite the overall easiness, the secret areas are ruthless. Still, a great game. Expand
  4. Jan 5, 2014
    Megaman ZX is a decent game and an interesting take on the Mega Man franchise. Like all Mega Man games, the boss battles are intense, the levels are hectic, and completing stages is extremely satisfying. But, ZX adds an interesting element to the game play with the addition of the biometal system. While ordinary Mega Man games allow players to access certain abilities from defeated bosses, the biometal system allows the player to become an entirely different character. The biometal system allows for some interesting game play in that the characters the player unlocks can access hidden areas and preform tasks that would normally be impossible with the standard ZX model. This interesting concept, paired with the open world exploration of Metroid style games, leads to hours of adventure.
    For the first time in a 2D Mega Man game, the levels abandon their linear roots in exchange for an entirely open environment. However, the open world can also lead to some frustration. With the game already being difficult (at least on the normal setting, which is how the game is intended to be played) the addition of the open world causes the game to drag on. The player will have difficulty simply finding the missions, let alone completing them. For example, one mission requires the player to travel to area E, which for some reason is placed at the end of area C. Another mission requires the player to travel to area J, which is hidden in the middle of area A. The game could have definitely benefited from better naming conventions for the stages and a better map system. But, finding levels and completing them can be very rewarding and experienced players will be able to breeze through the game once they've figured out exactly where to go and what to do. There is also an easy mode accessible from the main menu, which will allow newcomers a simpler slice of Mega Man action. The best way to play Mega Man ZX is with a walk through and on easy mode. The normal mode may be easy for Mega Man veterans, but for the typical gamer it can be very challenging.
    As for the story of the game, Mega Man ZX provides a compelling tale of a young girl (or boy) dealing with the loss of her (or his) best friend and fighting against an evil empire. The story is typical for a Mega Man game, but its simplicity is what makes it great. Mega Man has always been a classic battle between good and evil, so the story perfectly fits what Mega Man stories should be. Another great aspect of the story is that the player can play as either Vent (the male character) or Aile (the female character). This allows for a fun experience for both male and female gamers. The story also serves as a nice sequel to the Mega Man Zero series and many familiar characters will be encountered.
    For the audio and visual aspect of the game, while nothing really stands out, the graphics and sound are average for a Mega Man game. The pixel graphics look nice and the sound quality is pretty decent. The voice acting in the game is also pretty nice, but can be a little annoying at times when the characters are constantly grunting and yelling with every jump or attack. The soundtrack is an excellent accompaniment to the game play and is able to capture the futuristic feel of the game's environments. The game's aesthetics are nice for a handheld game and the audio is pretty decent.
    Overall, Mega Man ZX is a fun adventure despite its flaws. The classic Mega Man formula hasn't been overly tampered with and the fun biometal system adds a new level of complexity to the game. While the open world environments can lead to some head scratching, the option of playing the game in easy mode is a nice addition. The story is simplistic, but captivating, and the game's graphics and sound quality are standard for the DS. Mega Man ZX is not an amazing game, but it is fun, which is really all that matters.
  5. Tupac
    Aug 12, 2007
    It's just like the old megaman x games for snes in terms of gameplay except you don't know how to get where you're supposed to go half the time. the story is decent but that doesn't really matter to me. If it was easier to find out where to go this would have been a 9. Expand
  6. DarrenZ.
    Sep 25, 2006
    In addition to what Nate B. wrote, this game seems to have been designed for a system with no RAM as enemies immediately respawn as soon as you exit their screen-space. Retreating is tactically useless simply because there's never a safe place behind you to retreat to. The general effect is to compel you to simply barrel forward, mindlessly shooting whatever enemies happen to be in front of you. Not to mention this could have been a Game Boy Advance game for all the use the second screen gets. There's potential for a really great game here (heck, I'd have settled for a merely good one!); however, there are simply too many flaws that get in the way of the fun. Expand
  7. BenG.
    Sep 8, 2007
    I thought the whole reason Capcom is reluctant to make 3D Megaman games is because they would be too complicated and that the simplicity of 2D allows more focus on tight gameplay. It's anybody's guess then, as to why would they muddle the classic structure of Megaman with a horrendous map system and poorly made mission objectives. ZX is strictly a step down from Mega Man Zero on Game Boy Advance. Expand

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