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  • Summary: Moke forest creatures compete in frantic 4 player head-to-head games to see who can collect the most treasure!

    Take control of a Moke forest creature and compete in a series of frantic 4 player head-to-head games to see who can collect the most treasure scattered throughout the forest.

    Flap around the forest picking up treasure and taking it to the goal as fast as you can. The Moke who retrieves the most treasure before the time runs out is the winner. Use your attack to fend off other rival Moke and to also steal their treasure.

    All games are played with four Moke at once with the CPU taking the role of the other Moke in Single Player. In Multiplayer, up to 4 friends can go head-to-head via DS Wireless Communications.

    Choose from a host of different game rules, levels and settings to create dozens of different game variations. Players can also compete in Battle Cup competitions that contain various mixes of game rules for each round.
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  1. Feb 19, 2013
    Moke Moke is a great example of DSiWare done right. It's simple, fun to play, looks and sounds great, and costs about the same as a cup of coffee. The intentionally floaty control will turn some people off - and anyone who finds Balloon Fight clunky should steer well clear - but if that's not an issue for you, Moke Moke is a blast. It's especially worth checking out if you've got a few furry friends to battle it out with, but the gameplay variety and extensive customization options give solitary players more than enough reason to Whack-a-Moke.