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  1. Overall, Monster Lab for the NDS is a decent little game that's worth the price of admission. It's clearly been given some real polish and shine, and the effort put into the various modes of gameplay is significant, even though they don't mesh together terribly well.
  2. Nintendo Power
    The battles are perhaps a little too easy early on and the AI-controlled enemies are not very savvy, but a slew of fairly challenging minigames(which net you ingredients needed to make more monster parts)will keep your interest piqued while the rest of the game ramps up. [Holiday 2008, p.87]
  3. The simplistic adventure game seems to be incredibly popular on the Nintendo DS, and Monster Lab is another fine entry in the genre. The production values are good, the creation-based gameplay is different and the quest is enjoyable. Kids with a creative side and an evil streak are sure to enjoy their time with Monster Lab.
  4. It’s polished and endearing, with lots of action, varied gameplay, and a nice tale wrapped up in a cool role-playing package. Those players looking for a completely different approach to the genre should give this game a serious look.
  5. The big problem Monster Lab DS has is that, not only does it not play to its own considerable strengths, it actually conceals, distracts from and ignores the very things that stand to make it potentially outstanding.
  6. 65
    There's a lot of competition in the DS market, and Monster Lab doesn't quite have the raw talent to go up against that. But, there's a good amount of fun in there that a player could eke out if they were so inclined, and I'm certainly glad I got to play it. It's fun atmosphere can't ultimately redeem the fact it's too confused by its own design.
  7. It's too bad the stylus-intensive mini-games get in the way too often, giving Monster Lab the air of more of an interactive activity book than an entertaining gaming experience.

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