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  • Summary: Raise, Train and Battle your monsters in Monster Rancher DS, the newest addition to the beloved breeding series. Filled with nostalgia from past games, fans of the series will recognize popular characters and monsters such as Mocchi and Suezo, in addition to new monsters to discover. Generate monsters by drawing pictures in the "magic Field," or by speaking into the microphone in "Incantation" mode. Use your best strategy to raise, train, and battle your monsters. Can you become a legendary master breeder? Expand
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  1. While raising monsters can still be absorbing, Monster Rancher DS looks and feels a bit too old fashioned for its own good.
  2. It's nicely made, just rather dull. [Oct 2010, p.64]
  3. There's ample variety in terms of what you can have your monsters do, but as the player, you'll be doing a lot of watching and waiting. The game isn't broken in any way; it just isn't all that engagin
  4. 55
    While it may sound cool, Monster Rancher is repetitive, and as a result the gameplay can get rather dull.