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  • Summary: Configure your own powerful weapons and master over 30 challenges to unlock more action. Discover beautiful worlds and frightening bosses in the most intense shooter available on the DS! Adventure: Unravel the story behind the mysterious Nanostray virus while experiencing beautiful cutscenes, extensive voice acting and new special effects. Arcade: Play through all Adventure Mode levels without the story. Added combos and extra statistics enable maximum high scores each time you play. Challenge: Master 32 challenges, each located in a unique environment. Complete a set of 8 challenges to unlock one of the four Simulator games. Simulator: Designed in a unique futuristic style, each of the four games is a completely new experience of arcade-style, high score hunting. Two Player Cooperative play (multi-card). Two Player Duel (single and multi-card). Blast your way through more than 16 gigantic bosses, 100 unique enemies and seemingly impassable obstacles. Unlock and configure your ship’s six different weapons to adapt your armaments to a particular challenge. Choose from three control styles: Classic (no Touch Screen necessary), Left Handed or Right Handed Touch Control. Compete in the N2 Championship. Upload and browse your scores online with the Nintendo Wifi connection to see how you rank against the best. Alternating vertical and horizontal view level styles add to the rich gameplay. All new Nanogauge lets you earn multiplier bonuses for each enemy shot. Fill the gauge as you eliminate swarms of enemies simultaneously. Features more than 30 energetic songs and over 200 unique sound effects. [Majesco Games] Expand
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  1. 85
    The shooter has been a genre in decline since 3D gaming became the standard, but games like Nanostray 2 are shining examples of why this type of game needs to kept alive.
  2. Nanostray 2 is great follow-up to the original DS title.
  3. 80
    Nanostray 2 will definitely please hardcore arcade shooter fans, but the increased difficulty may narrow the game's mainstream appeal. [Mar 2008, p.86]
  4. Unrelenting difficulty aside, Nanostray 2 for the Nintendo DS is a top-notch shoot-'em-up that will give you your money's worth.
  5. It's incredibly slick. [Dec 2008, p.80]
  6. This one's for shmup fans only. With no competition on DS, N2 scratches the itch for portable shooting.
  7. 58
    Outside of retro ports, there isn't a straight-up shooter on the DS quite like it. But make no mistake -- its progression flaw is a big one, and if you know you can't deal with the unforgiving trial-and-error nature of games like it, look for something far more relaxing.

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  1. Dec 17, 2013
    I was very impressed by this game at the very first minutes. The music is excelent, with awesome stereo effects, so use your headphones! Graphics are slick and gameplay is very customisable and technical. Maybe the best space shooter since Gradius. (yes, i'm not into Blullet Hell games, they're just too much). Expand

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