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  • Summary: Neopets Puzzle Adventure offers an in-depth and exciting storyline full of puzzle-based gameplay set in the world of Neopets. The game offers pick up and play gameplay, new never-before-seen areas in the Neopets universe to explore, and the opportunity to redeem codes for exclusive virtual items at the Neopets website. The game board itself resembles a chessboard, while the gameplay takes the principles of Reversi and Go, and adds new twists that take the adventure to unexpected levels. The goal is to turn all of the chips on the board to your Neopet's color. [Capcom] Expand
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  1. If you can ignore the casual wrapping, there's a pretty good puzzle game to be found here, even if it's not quite as good as Puzzle Quest. [Feb 2009, p.87]
  2. 76
    Neopets Puzzle Adventure is a suitable puzzle game for younger players. There is a large existing Neopets audience, and Capcom has put in the effort to make a fun and good-looking game that should appeal to those fans.
  3. Even with its shortcomings, I enjoyed Neopets Puzzle Adventure quite a bit, and while I think that a better game could have been developed with these ideas, it's still a title that I'd suggest to DS owners, and something that shouldn't be overlooked simply because of the license attached to it.
  4. Children who are fans of Neopets could do much worse than Neopets Puzzle Adventure, as could serious fans of puzzle games. While the game is not quite of Puzzle Quest's caliber, it still offers a solid and fun experience that is only hampered by a lack of depth in its story mode.
  5. You don't need to be a Neopets fan to enjoy this puzzle/adventure hybrid.
  6. It detracts from the enjoyment value when a "puzzle" game is almost more of a game of chance.
  7. 60
    Overall, Neopets Puzzle Adventure is a good game for its target demographic -- children who will use the game's many unlockable codes to access various digital goodies on the Neopets website.

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