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  • Summary: Nervous Brickdown allows players to revisit old school roots with a twist to the classic breakout game. Revamped, restyled and stepping into the next generation of handheld gaming, Nervous Brickdown refreshes the player's skills in paddle and ball gameplay while introducing new gameplay elements across 135 levels, like controlling spaceships to blast away bricks or even drawing a custom paddle. Featuring 135 diverse levels spanning over 10 unique modes, Nervous Brickdown turns classic brick-breaking gameplay on its head by taking players into other retro gaming worlds such as intense space shooters, action platforms, and scary haunted houses. Do everything from controlling submarines or blowing the ball into bricks to taking on boss monsters. Designed especially for the Nintendo DS, Nervous Brickdown takes full advantage of the DS’ hardware utilizing the dual screen, stylus, and microphone to present an interesting visual style, charming soundtrack, and unique gameplay features which breathes new life into the brick-breaking genre. [Secret Stash Games] Expand
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  1. Secret Stash strikes again with a reinterpretation of a classic game. This is for classic arcade freaks, and new initiates. While it works within the classic game design, some of the new game modes are truly original.
  2. The key to Nervous Breakdown is that it continuously introduces new challenges and concepts that keep it from feeling stale.
  3. Incredibly fun and unique, but it can become frustrating. A good bet for fans of old school twitch action.
  4. The combinations of colours in each stage are very attractive and will keep you coming back for more. The design of each level is also crucial to the games success.
  5. Some of the best stages in the game are ruined by gimmicks and poorly implemented ideas. It doesn’t make Nervous Brickdown a poor title, but it drags it down from being a truly great Breakout adaptation. Sometimes simplicity is a good thing.
  6. A clever take on a familiar concept. [Sept 2007, p.89]
  7. Its undeniably attractive presentation may make it look like the next must-have, cultish handheld release, but sadly Nervous Brickdown is all style and no charm.

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