• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2011

Generally favorable reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Mar 22, 2011
    Okami fans will be spellbound with nostalgia while finding plenty new to enjoy, and fans of Zelda-esque adventures will be hard pressed to find another portable game so engaging in the twilight of Nintendo's soon-to-be replaced Nintendo DS hardware.
  2. Mar 21, 2011
    Much like Chibiterasu, Okamiden faithfully does the job of its predecessor, although it lacks much of the grace and poise that we saw last time from Amaterasu's adventure. Still, the feel of the franchise is intact, and that's what really matters here. With extra post-game content and plenty of quests to complete before and after the final battle, Okamiden is a solid closing entry in the original DS's history.
  3. Mar 17, 2011
    Faithful almost to a fault to the classic original, but still a stunning achievement for the DS and a thoroughly engrossing adventure in its own right.
  4. Mar 17, 2011
    Okamiden is a great Action RPG that preserves the spirit of Okami: Magic Brush, puzzles, sidequests and great characters. They has only one problem: this sequel is too similar than the Amaterasu game.
  5. Mar 16, 2011
    Okamiden offers a nice adventure with a lot of Zelda feel to it. Definitely a game worth both your money and your time.
  6. Mar 16, 2011
    Okamiden exudes charm, perhaps even more so than the original. Unfortunately, charm will only get you so far.
  7. Mar 15, 2011
    It might not be quite the game its predecessor was, but you can't help but hope that this charming follow-up sells well enough for its publisher to keep the wolf from the lore.
  8. Mar 14, 2011
    Okamiden is a noteworthy title which follows the story and the structure of the original game. Despite some flaws, especially in the pointer detection, it is a very recommended experience.
  9. Feb 26, 2011
    Whereas a more comprehensive reimagining of how Okami would work on DS could have resulted in a less ambitious, more polished game, Okamiden succeeds in preserving both the spirit and form of its forebear, and that makes in rather special indeed. [Mar 2011, p.90]
  10. Feb 26, 2011
    This is one of those sequels that fans never thought would happen, so even if it doesn't measure up to its legendary predecessor, we're thankful to have it. [March 2011, p.86]
  11. Mar 20, 2011
    The thick-lined, colorful look and Okami's traditional soundtrack are impressively mimicked on the feeble DS hardware, and even though the scenarios are familiar, they're no less charming for it. Okamiden is nonetheless a missed opportunity, never leveraging its youthful veneer to recapture its predecessor's creative spirit.
  12. Mar 15, 2011
    Okamiden doesn't distinguish itself from its revered predecessor, but great visual design and well-developed characters make it engaging nonetheless.
  13. 70
    Not as great as Okami, but still a nice take on a handheld version of the classic game. Expect a long adventure with a lot of recycled stuff included.
  14. Mar 27, 2011
    With a more balanced difficulty and stronger puzzle designs, Okamiden probably would have been able to beat The Legend of Zelda at its own game, but for now, Chibiterasu will have to settle for simply being on even ground with Link.
  15. Mar 22, 2011
    There are some players who will undoubtedly love Okamiden, either because the flaws (such as backtracking) are not as familiar or because they have the capacity to overlook its myriad mistakes. I wish I could do the same.
  16. Mar 17, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  17. Mar 15, 2011
    At its core, Okamiden is a successful, shrunken-down Okami, but it's trapped on a system that can't entirely pull it off. The art style, music and mechanics, while lifted from the earlier game, are still captivating and worthy of exploration, though we couldn't shake the feeling this story would have soared higher on another platform.
  18. Mar 15, 2011
    Though Okamiden hits a pretty satisfying stride in the middle, it is a bit of a marathon... OK, yes, an adorable marathon.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Nov 4, 2013
    The Good: Presentation is a technical achievement; cute, lovely characters

    The Bad: Dragging; uneven difficulty; shallow Built upon the
    The Good: Presentation is a technical achievement; cute, lovely characters

    The Bad: Dragging; uneven difficulty; shallow

    Built upon the lore of the cult Action-RPG Okami (PS2, Wii), Okamiden develops the original's story from the point it was left in the first title while trying to appeal to a broader audience by introducing Amaterasu's son--a cute puppy called Chibiterasu--in the leading role for this sequel.

    From a technical standpoint--which seemed to be what worried Okami fans most in a portable cramming--there's nothing to yell at. Nippon still looks gorgeous and even the sometimes oversized pixels make it for a crisp, beautiful presentation. The same can be said about the expanded soundtrack, which sounds as epic as ever.

    But unfortunately when it comes to content Okamiden fails to capture the grandeur of the original installment.

    The game takes you by the hand in so many ways that' it's hard not to state it was dumbed down. Predictable puzzles, prayers evolving your powers automatically, the very combat... Even the poor (or lazy?) decision of making it controlled by the D-Pad (instead of a more intuitive touch-only scheme like in the DS Zeldas) produces another step down: the camera compelling you to where you should go next.

    Chibi partnering a variety of companions throughout the adventure does help to freshen the experience and show the intended protagonist's fragility, but in the long run much of the plot and dialogue is plain dragging for the sake of it. What would be an otherwise charming cast of characters can grow annoying and tiring after some time.

    That aforementioned overall mood/pace twist could have made it for a perfect kids-friendly first RPG... But the overly complex boss battles create difficulty spikes that can get in the way and turn beginners down.

    Okamiden would fare better if it was conceived as a spin-off, or at least as a more compact title. As a main entry with the responsibility to carry the name on it just feels expendable.
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  2. Jan 8, 2014
    The only thing this game has going for it is that Chibiterasu is heart-meltingly cute. I mean it, everything he does is just adorable, fromThe only thing this game has going for it is that Chibiterasu is heart-meltingly cute. I mean it, everything he does is just adorable, from his nubby puppy legs to his movements. Other than that, it seems Capcom did everything in their power to ruin the masterpiece that was the first Okami.

    Not only is the story constantly contradicting plot elements established in the first game, it's riddled with holes and focuses on some of the most annoying characters I've ever come across in a game (yes, even more than Ashley from RE5). Lucky for you, they spend a good chunk of the game riding on your back. Fun.

    The battle system is lackluster, there is no way to control the camera angle and considering how well the stylus could have worked with the brush mechanic, it falls woefully short of its full potential. To boot, there is only one new town and three new dungeons in the entire game. The collection sidequest is sloppy, as there are dozens of hidden items that, once you leave that particular dungeon, are never able to be accessed again.

    The rest of the scenery and music is lifted directly from the first game. This sounds good until you realize that all of the colorful cast and side quests you had encountered in the first game are nowhere to be seen. Considering only nine months have passed, it feels like a slap in the face to learn that most of the people you expected to see were lazily explained away as simply being "gone", or in some cases, dead.

    As a result, the game is painfully short and insultingly shallow, with absolutely nothing new to offer for fans of the original. I recommend skipping this one entirely.
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  3. Dec 24, 2012
    Okamiden is everything a sequel should be, it was unfortunate that the release of Pokemon Black/White and the 3DS overshadowed it cause itsOkamiden is everything a sequel should be, it was unfortunate that the release of Pokemon Black/White and the 3DS overshadowed it cause its well worth looking into if you enjoyed the first in the series.

    The gameplay is identical to the first game. It mixes it up by adding a few new powers, and a companion system that allows you to control a second character using the stylus. This is very similar to Zelda: Spirit Tracks system, And allows for dungeons to be designed differently than they were in the original.

    Due to the limited power of the Nintendo DS, the graphics have been reduced significantly. Maps are far simpler and with less elements on screen. The paintbrush style is back from the first game and is still charming and elegant.
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