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  • Summary: Panzer Tactics DS ise the first turn-based WWII strategy game for the Nintendo DS. The game is played on hex-based maps and offers a variety of control options, and includes full Touch Screen support for unit command. A variety of multiplayer modes, playable via Nintendo Wifi-Connection, wireless multiplayer and "hotseat" (two players on one Nintendo DS) round out the game's offerings. Playable via the DS Stylus, buttons or a combination of both. Three unique campaigns (German, Russians and Western Allies) in 30 missions, including "commando" operations taking players behind enemy lines. Optional mission objectives to unlock bonus missions and other tactical enhancements. Over 20 different special attacks and 150 different land, sea and air units for all sides. Different battle animations for all units on any terrain and a wide range of special effects, explosions and weather effects. Nintendo Wifi-Connection and wireless multiplayer modes with up to four players per game, along with hot-seat mode play for two-players on the same Nintendo DS. An online ladder system keeps track of high scores. 10 multiplayer maps of various sizes played on 14 varied terrain types. [CDV Software] Expand
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  1. Panzer Tactics offer a great turn-based military combat alternative to the popular Advance Wars series. It's light years from having Dual Strike beat, but some players will surely appreciate - and perhaps even prefer - the more serious tone and realism of the historical battles in Panzer Tactics.
  2. For the serious strategist, you couldn't ask for more. The game interface detracts from the experiene, though. People who aren't into WW2 or slow play should pass on this one.
  3. Regardless, the game is still pretty good, except for the inability to distinguish easily between units and the steep learning curve, and so for those who enjoy strategy games, it’s a solid title overall.
  4. A solid single-player experience… and if you happen to have three History Channel-watching friends who have also purchased this particular odd-bird World War II strategy title, you’re set for what passes for a wild war gamer’s Samstag Nacht.
  5. The game as a whole is entertaining and executed nicely, but nothing involved within the game is really eye catching. Minor details are frustrating, but only the multiplayer aspects could ruin the overall experience for you.
  6. 60
    Panzer Tactics DS is a perfectly good single player game. It's not as exciting or as interesting as Advance Wars or Age of Empires, but it has a solid plot (provided by the good people of history) and a whole lot of campaign missions.
  7. A flawed but worthy entry into the turn based arena. One for the hardcore only.

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