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  • Summary: The foundation of Dr Kageyama's Maths Training is 100 square calculations a method conceived by Kageyama Hidea, a Japanese elementary school principal. The DS is held side ways like a book and all answers are written using the stylus. The key principal of the software is repetition which according to Kageyama stimulates the brain. The main exercise 100 cells maths, consists of 100 hundred simple maths problems combined into a 10 by 10 grid using the numbers at the top and side of the grid. There are however many other exercises, ranging from simple one digit math problems to slightly more complex three digit challenges. Expand
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  1. A treat, albeit a masochistic and frustrating one. [Issue#21, p.89]
  2. You get a lot of maths for your money in Maths Training. The randomised content across the dozens of different puzzle types should be enough to keep one busy (if not amused) for some time.
  3. Maths Training won't make you smarter, but it will make you quicker at solving simple sums. If that sounds like something you'd like to add to your CV then pick the game up. But don't expect anything more - maths isn't fun. It's just maths.
  4. This math-based minigame collection works well as a revision tool for reinforcing what you already know, but is unlikely to teach any new skills.
  5. As effective as the Hundred Cell method may be, it would have been good to see more fun exercises included instead of just yet more black-and-white sums. The exercises are too simple for adults.
  6. I know I keep coming back to the two Brain Training games but it's difficult not to; they test more areas of your brain, have more variety and are generally more interesting to play.
  7. This is a brain trainer done bad. Even though the concept is good enough, the game does not offer any form of fun or challenge. Even the target audience, young students and seniors, won't really enjoy themselves. Dutch language is also missing, which makes this difficult for some people.

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