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  • Summary: Choose a kitten from 10 new breeds, plus discover three secret “wild” cubs. Entertain your cuddly companion with new toys like the laser pointer – snap pictures while she plays! Ever wonder what your kitty is thinking? Find out with the new Catz “thought bubble.” [Ubisoft]
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  1. 67
    Taken together, all of the upgrades make Petz: Catz 2 a much more compelling product than the first Catz was, and while the design will need to continue to innovate to raise its level even higher and ultimately compete with designs like Nintendo's Nintendogs, this is a sequel that's made significant strides in the right direction.
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  1. Dec 26, 2011
    The best virtual pet simulator I've played, the catz look absolutely adorable, and there's a lot to keep you entertained, like all the stuff like outfits and toys you can buy for your cat, and some of the toys have a slight mini game with them, but the most entertaining part and the part that kept me playing are unlockable ribbons that are similar to Xbox 360's achievements and PS3's trophies, you get them for doing things inside the game like for instance taking a picture of your cat sleeping or increasing it's stamina, they unlock more things to do and get inside the game, and are just plain addicting to get, and they give me a goal as opposed to other pet simulator games which make me feel like I don't have anything to work towards, but sometimes waiting around for your cat to do what you want in order to get the ribbon can be a boring, and the catz AI isn't exactly the smartest at times for instance they'll have a hard time trying to get around the table, or get stuck in a chair for a little bit, but these flaws don't stop this from being the best pet simulator I've played,or a game that I highly recommend to fans of the series, people who can't have a real cat, or just want to have a fun pet simulator on the go. Expand