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  1. Dec 30, 2012
    The series of Phoenix Wright, even if with few additions and almost no upgrades, always shows new cases and new ways to think out of the box for resolving the cases (not a lot, but still helps). Of course, the series ia also fun to play and great to follow, with a roster of unforgettable characters...and villains too. The game plays as a mix of an adventure game and...sort of quiz game...I think. I have no proper words but the point is that both parts mix very well and they are both fun to play, especially since the story (or stories) behind the game are well thought and will make you think of how to solve the cases. Honestly, my big complains is that out of 5 missions, 2 are rather short and very simple, almost kid-friendly (the first case is literally a tutorial case, while the second is almost impossible to lose). From case 3, the game ramps up in difficulty and become a lot more enjoyable, and the last 2 cases are probably THE single best cases of the entire series (Trial and Tribulation cases are close...but only these are remarkable at their best). Graphics are simple and clean (and oldish, since I heard it was from a Gameboy Advance game), but funcional, and...I really have nothing else to mention, because the flaws are almost non-existants. Maybe the game should have had more endings, and maybe the game should have been more open (you won't go forward until you trigger the right event, which is either the discover of an item, talking to a person, or showing items to a person). Except these, I have almost no complains at all, since it's also very long to play (I think it's gonna last you at least 10 hours, but there's no counter). One of the strongest adventure game on the DS, and possibly one of the best games of the console: must at least try once but if you love adventure game, it' s an instant purchase. Expand
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    Every game in this saga is EPIC and PERFECT. The story is great and the characters are memorable. The OST is just delicious. Every case is very original, and there is a plot full of secrets and twists that you discover through every game.
  3. Dec 9, 2010
    I'm going to be honest. This game is a masterpiece. I don't care if the game does half of the thinking for you, but the fact that with increasing difficulty and requirements to be able to think beyond a simple contradiction to shove some evidence up the prosecutor's throat makes the game beyond fun. This game just won't let me shut the DS off, of course until I get to a save point.
  4. May 11, 2011
    This is exactly what the adventure genre needs, an absolutely amazing investigation game with fun characters and hilarious dialogue. If you have a DS you owe it to yourself to try this game. The creative cases will get your brain juices flowing and drawing you back for much much more.
  5. Oct 15, 2011
    if you have a look see at the 2 negative reviews, youll see one by a guy called awbreeh, who says hes too smart for the game... which is a little selfish, dont ya think. no i LIKE the twists, i LIKE the story, and best of all the end trial... YEAH!!!

  6. Nov 29, 2011
    I bought this game on a whim and instantly fell in love with the series. I was familiar with Capcom from their games on the NES and SNES, but had not played much else by them at that point. I really enjoyed the refreshing anime style for the story, characters, and humor of the game. The game combines puzzle solving into the investigations and courtroom battles of the stories in a smooth, accessible way. Case 1 was a great tutorial to the game-play. Instead of an endless progression of textboxes explaining what to do, the game teaches you how to play through having you press and present in the courtroom for the playerâ Expand
  7. Dec 12, 2011
    Pheonix Wrong is a terrible addition to the crime genre. In fact, it's a crime of the game developers to have even made this game. It starts by showing you who did the crime. What's the point in letting us investigate if you have already showed who did it? It's pointless! Not to mention how bad the actual gameplay itself is. All you do is say "Objection!" and a cutscene plays. Do that about eight times and you've pretty much completed the game. If I was in the office while this game was being made, I would have "Objected!" to this game's development being pushed forward. Expand
  8. May 18, 2012
    One of the few games where I didn't mind that the story overtook the actual gameplay. Actually no, this is the ONLY game where I didn't care about simplistic gameplay at all - the writing was just that great. The game toys with the gamer's emotions with an absolutely masterful arrangement of music and flashy visuals, which not only enrich the story in a very unique way, but make it even BETTER. Did I already mention that Ace Attorney also gives you a set of characters that you can actually give a crap about? Although the game *could* use some better graphics and less down-your-throat linearity, I strongly recommend giving PW:AA a go. It is one of those rare breeds games that will appeal to pretty much everyone, from die-hard FPS fans to RPG stat-junkies. Expand
  9. May 18, 2012
    Masterful writing, great scoring, unforgettable characters, one-of-a-kind gameplay. Yes, those are the words echoing through my mind after I finished the last case.
  10. Sep 19, 2012
    While at its heart Phoenix Wright may be a simple game, it is simply the most addicting and tense experience ever achieved with such little action. It is a considerable art to be able to reproduce significant catharsis using only the notions of script writing and musical tunes. Usually taking hours upon hours to complete a case, there is not one moment where you will become bored or fatigued. There are unforeseeable twists around every corner. In brief, Phoenix Wright is easily one of history's most unique and emotional experiences, and should not be missed by anyone. Oh, and also, it is the only game that can convince a player to become a defence attorney :D Expand
  11. Apr 8, 2014
    The writing is extremely good in this game, each case has a great story. The gameplay sadly isn't as good and can be quite frustrating because it's not always logical how to progress and when you fail you have to skip though a'lot of text to get back to the point you was at.
  12. Feb 2, 2013
    Awesome is the right word for this game! Great characters with great personalities, cool soundtrack, brilliant dialogues, epic breakdowns and lots of twists. At the beginning I thought it might become boring to search in every place for evidence and to listen to such long conversations in court, but I never got bored and I literally can't stop playing when I start.
  13. Mar 15, 2013
    The idea of a courtroom video game where you play as an attorney, as far as I can tell, is an original and interesting one. However, I just keep feeling that the anime style just wasn't the right choice for this series. During my time playing this game, I kept wishing things were darker and more serious, with less exaggerated actions and cartoonish plots. There are lots of stuff that ruin the sense of immersion and warrant a lot of eye-rolling, like outlandish "proofs", ridiculously gullible judges and officers, and culprits flat out reveal their bad deeds out of nowhere, in the courtroom, in the fashion of poorly-written bad guys who just HAVE to reveal all of their plans to the hero.

    The gameplay is also uninteresting and oversimplified, giving you way too many shots at cracking the case, with virtually no punishment for doing things wrong. This ends up taking away any resemblance of a fun challenge.

    The main characters are slightly likeable, and at times the cases manages to pique your curiosity. But the problems take too much away for this to be really enjoyable.
  14. Jan 30, 2014
    The original Phoenix Wright trilogy is amazing. And the original is the second best out of the trilogy. It's better that Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney justice for all, but is not as good as Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trials and tribulations.

    The story is the the most important part of any Ace Attorney title, and the story in this game is fantastic. All the main characters are
    interesting. Especially Miles Edgeworth. All the witnesses are fun and quirky in there own unique ways. And the names for the characters are are really amusing, some examples being "Frank Sahwit" the witness in case one. and "Winston Payne" the prosecutor in case one.

    The graphics are nothing technically impressive, most likely due to the fact this game is a port of a Japanese GBA title called "Gyakuten Saiban". But the sprites and actions for some of the witnesses are quirky and amusing.

    The soundtrack is fantastic. Almost every track in this game is memorable and really nice to listen to. The sound effect consist of beeps for the most part and are nothing noteworthy. And the voice clips for the defense and prosecution do there jobs well enough.

    Overall it is a fantastic game. And considering the original trilogy is on most platforms nowadays, (DS, Wii-ware, IOS, and soon coming to the 3DS) there is not much of a reason to pass the games up. As it has amazing writing and characters, and amazing music.

  15. Jul 20, 2013
    This game will be loved by people of all ages, if they have the patience and the intelligence of thinking of the possibility and putting pieces together or finding out that things do not fit, that's all i am going to get into on this amazing game its a must buy
  16. Oct 30, 2013
    A very good DS game, original and catching.
    The graphics could be better but that's absolutely not the point of this game.
    The writing is overall good and funny and the investigations, despite a few "bland" parts, interesting.
    But the glorious parts of this game, what brought us here, are the trials parts.
    Intense and sometimes challenging, they are the keystone of this game's gameplay
    and only suffer from a one or two improbable answers.
    The first Phoenix Wright is definitely a game to play and it will probably gets you to play the other episodes of this atypical series.
  17. Feb 28, 2014
    Fantastic cases and inspired out-of-the-box story lines that thread the entire series together starting here at Phoenix's humble beginning.

    A most puzzling and intriguing set of characters who will stay with you for much longer after the final case. This game exhibits standards of a typical Crime Fiction/Audio Novel game but with the unexpected twists in every case that makes this title
    a major stand out from the norm.

    Music that is perfectly atmospheric and excitement inducing. You will be left longing for much more as these characters and storyline serenade you to the next game in store for this series. I have never regret playing this series (in fact I play it more than any other series). With this humour, excitement and wit, you'd be very well damned to find any other game that is able to weave a very fine tapestry of such traits into one game let alone a series!
  18. Apr 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An all-around amazingly fun and enjoyable adventure game.

    The quality of characters and plot is supported by very good writing and an overall immense love both for storytelling and for dramatisation.
    This game is just nothing short of awesome when it comes to its value as a story, and its gameplay is also far from shabby when it comes to playability and/or fun elements.

    Phoenix' comments and wit make it a constantly fun game, and the rest of the characters all add in a bit of themselves to make this just about one of the most high-quality games I've played. It's undying fun all the way till the end. It gets over the top often, but is almost never simplistic or dumb, so it stays enjoyable both as a "simply fun" game and as a thinking game.

    Despite that, I'm not giving it 10 because of a few things:
    -As with almost all complex plots, this game has a few plot twists/plot devices that just don't work, like the ending of Turnabout Samurai where the conclusion(minor spoiler) is that a 1m60 tall woman pushed a 1m80 highly muscled, highly trained martial artist, who carried a spear so heavy and strong a woman her size couldn't even use it, to his death. It has its share of irrational moments, but the most of the story is devoid of it so it's really minor.
    -The game is pretty much a story walkthrough. It's a very very gameplay-filled story, as in you have to find clues, make the connections, arguments, and follow up on your case till you've gotten to the end of the story, but essentially this is a game that's just about following a preset story with only one path to get there. Because the gameplay is so well integrated in the story it doesn't matter too much, but it still sort of sucks that you're going down the same linear story.
    -Because of my last point, the replayability is null and void. Unfortunatly AA:PW is a game you can only play once, after that it's just seeing the movie you've already seen again, and although there are a lot of moments and lines that makes this game something I want to see again, it doesn't really excuse the fact that it lacks a better replayability, like different pathways to explore for example.

    Despite these points, this is still an easy 92/100 for me, it's worth buying even at full price just for the great story and fun gameplay, I just wish this was replayable.
  19. Jun 11, 2014
    The Ace Attorney -series has one of the BEST stories in video game history, and it's just impossible to pick a favorite. The music in the series is so good, that if I made a list of my favorite video game songs, the Ace Attorney -series would dominate it. The game is so goddamn addicting once you get into it, which is weird for a visual novel. Pointing out lies in someone's statement can be satisfying in real life, but oh boy, nothing does it better than this game. This game literally made me laugh until it started to hurt, and made me cry for minutes. This is just phenomenal. Expand
  20. Jul 6, 2014
    If you're not into reading dialogue and laughing, then this game isn't for you. Hilarious situations and characters make this game (and series) one of my top 5 as a serious gamer.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 53 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 53
  2. Negative: 0 out of 53
  1. Keeps its legal-eagle fantasy flying much of the time - it's a welcome DS addition. [Nov 2005, p.109]
  2. I can only hope this game does well enough for Capcom to bring the other games in this series to the U.S. [Oct 2005]
  3. The unique cast of characters and entertaining story makes Phoenix Wright worth playing, once. After you've seen all the plot turns and twists the game loses its appeal. [JPN Import]