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  • Summary: With over 40 stages from all three games in the series being included, fans of the popular shooting series will have their hand-eye coordination tested, by using the DS stylus as their weapon of choice to shoot down everything from clay pigeons to aliens in the fun mini games of Point Blank DS. The portable return of the retro series will also boast five different modes including: Arcade: Play through four different levels of difficulty in a variety of mini shooting games. VS: Challenge your friends using the wireless feature to find out who’s the quickest draw (requires only one game card). Brain Massage: Play through various stages while the game analyzes your abilities and gives you feedback. Freeplay: Select any stage at any time to challenge your best score. [Namco Bandai] Expand
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  1. Point Blank DS's only minor drawback is that its play modes are all essentially the same thing hidden behind different premises that really aren't any different and because of this the gameplay doesn't hold up for extended play sessions.
  2. 75
    But the real fun lies in the mini-games. It's just a tad unfortunate, though, that the game really doesn't have much depth besides that. Granted, it's fun to play with another person and it's cool to play through the unique Brain Massage mode. But, if you're looking for a DS game that's going to provide hours of entertainment, you'll have better luck elsewhere.
  3. At $29.99, Point Blank is honestly a little steep simply because the game does lose its charm after the first couple of hours.
  4. And aside from wanting to achieve better scores, there's little reason to return to Point Blank DS, though to be fair, it's best experienced in short, controlled bursts.
  5. On some level, Point Blank DS really is an interesting experiment on Namco's behalf, but frankly, Point Blank was more interesting when it was a light-gun game.
  6. Point Blank is supposed to be a virtual shooting gallery, and without a gun in your hand, you're missing that tacticle feeling that's so crucial to the experience. [Aug 2006, p.85]
  7. Without replayability, unlockables or any other motivation to continue playing, Point Blank DS shows how advances in game design since the mid-90s could have saved even superficial titles.

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