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Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. 70
    Point Blank DS is a little on the shallow side, but the designers do a decent enough job spreading out the fun into a handheld package. The touch-screen replacement for light gun control works surprisingly well - I'm not hanging my light gun back in the storage closet just yet, but at the very least Namco Bandai shows that there's a place for these arcade gun shooters on the DS, and perhaps if this is successful at retail we may see other touch-screen spin-offs like the Time Crisis series.
  2. 75
    But the real fun lies in the mini-games. It's just a tad unfortunate, though, that the game really doesn't have much depth besides that. Granted, it's fun to play with another person and it's cool to play through the unique Brain Massage mode. But, if you're looking for a DS game that's going to provide hours of entertainment, you'll have better luck elsewhere.
  3. On some level, Point Blank DS really is an interesting experiment on Namco's behalf, but frankly, Point Blank was more interesting when it was a light-gun game.