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  1. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are - up until now - the definitive versions of the series. It's the complete package, that includes the best from the original Gold and Silver games, the third and fourth generations innovations, a few new surprises and an awesome bonus, the Pokéwalker. It's the DS's best, and it's for everyone.
  2. HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes, that’s true, but the quality here is capable to impress those who played the original as the ones that enter this world for the first time.
  3. Nintendo Power
    With its bevy of new features and improvements, old-school Pokemon fans will love this return to Johto, and if you've been dismissing this series as "kids stuff" all this time, this is an ideal opportunity to redeem yourself and see what all the fuss is about. [Apr 2010, p.84]
  4. Let yourself get the itch, and you'll be constantly amazed as the game's hour count ticks higher and higher with no end in sight.
  5. 95
    In short, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are excellent remakes of the Gold and Silver pair of games.
  6. It may not be too revolutionary but this is by far the biggest, most packed Pokemon yet. [Mar 2010, p.67]
  7. 94
    Pokemon games are getting deeper, more complex and ever more exciting with each iteration. The only thing to do is keep catching em all. It would be rude not to.
  8. 91
    But it's a refined experience, and HeartGold/SoulSilver is easily the best Pokémon game yet.
  9. Even if you have played the original games and your a fan of the series, you'll get a huge kick of this new facelift and new players won't be disadvantaged either.
  10. While it is, at its core, the same game that you've played many years ago, it still manages to feel new and the updated features bolster the original experience in a manner that never intrudes and only enhances. Put short, this is a lot of fun and something that a huge amount of DS owners should look into.
  11. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver have finally been given the remake they deserve.
  12. 90
    Add in the ingenious PokeWalker, and it's clear that this is a perfect experience for both old-school trainers and the newest generation of Pokemon fans.
  13. Despite a few frustrations, this is easily one of the most addictive role-playing games on the DS, and catching, battling, raising, and breeding Pokémon could keep you occupied for months. There has never been a better time to catch them all.
  14. With HeartGold and SoulSlver the Pokémon series has reached a point where it can't get any better. It's like a level 100 Pikachu; it's as good as it can possibly be, but it's probably about time it evolved already.
  15. HeartGold and Soul Silver are all the series needed to get to its highest level in DS: a classic up to date, respecting the base and amplifying it with elements as interesting as the PókeWalker. These cartridges are a must buy for all the fans of the series and the lovers of RPG.
  16. Although they fail to push the series forward with any true innovations, they excel at retooling now almost obsolete titles into must-haves for fans.
  17. 90
    This is one of the most engrossing experiences you will find on the market at this time, and the game is still so addictive, so well-formed and lengthy as ever, only with the refinements of modern games slotted in seamlessly.
  18. If you’re a Pokemon fanatic, the kind that has bought every last iteration Nintendo has released, then you’ve most likely already purchased either Heartgold/SoulSilver. However, if you’ve only dabbled in the series, it’s still highly recommended you give one of these two a try.
  19. This is not only the greatest game yet in the Pokémon franchise, but also one of the best you can purchase right now for the Nintendo DS.
  20. They combine everything that was best about the older Pokemon games - namely, the more likeable monster designs and inventive spirit - with the much-improved looks and streamlined battle system of the fourth-generation ones.
  21. If you’re going to put your heart and soul into just one Pokémon game, put it into this.
  22. There is not a doubt in my mind: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are the pinnacle of the entire series. If you are no longer interested in Pokemon, you should still give it a shot for nostalgic purposes. If you enjoy Pokemon, the $40 price tag is chump change.
  23. The best Pokemon game so far. Combines the addictive elements of the originals with the latest graphics to great effect. Just don't mention the Pokewalker.
  24. games(TM)
    A time-sink that can devour more life than Monster Hunter and Disgaea combined. [Issue#95, p.118]
  25. Longtime Pokémon fans will latch on to this title just as much as they did the previous entries, but at the same time, SoulSilver doesn't offer up much for players who find the Pokémon formula to be stale.
  26. Games Master UK
    It's still the Pokemon you know and love - and handheld entertainment of the highest order. [Apr 2010, p.78]
  27. Nintendo Gamer
    The Pokemon formula stays unchanged, but Gold and Silver remain our favourites. Essential for Johto newcomers and veterans. [Mar 2010, p.94]
  28. Without any doubt, Heart Gold & Soul Silver are the best pokemon games this far. The Pokewalker add a nice twist in the main formula.
  29. You can‘t do anything wrong with buying this game. Also it‘s almost the same concept like in the other Pokémon games.
  30. 85
    The Pokewalker is the Pokemon equivalent of the free prize inside a cereal box: you might find yourself buying it for the gadget than the game itself, but it's the game itself that contains all the deliciousness.
  31. Even though the classic Pokémon formula still works as evidenced by SoulSilver, I can’t help but hope for a new Pokémon title that breaks some new ground.
  32. 85
    If you've never been impressed with Pokémon games the newest entries will likely not change your mind, but if you enjoy visiting the world time and again and wouldn't mind revisiting the land of Johto, you can't go wrong with Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
  33. Pokémon HeartGold/ SoulSilver is very good remake of the best Pokémon-game ever and brings a superb adventure.
  34. 85
    Whether you're an old-school trainer or a newbie to the world of Pokémon, you'll be hard pressed to find a portable role-playing experience as engrossing as Pokémon: Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
  35. It's the perfect game to jump into the series with if you're a newcomer, and the updates and new content are enough to keep veterans satisfied.
  36. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver do the series justice, and proves to the gaming community that the franchise will never die out in popularity, no matter how many variations are released.
  37. As Pokemon games go, it's definitely the most polished version yet and the new additions all add up to make the overall experience even more enjoyable.
  38. Regardless, Pokemon SoulSilver is a quality game if you take it on its own merits, and it’s a safe pickup if you’re looking for either a casual play-through, or want to go the competitive battling route.
  39. HeartGold and SoulSilver are undeniable rehashes, but Nintendo’s signature polish and the Pokewalker make it easy to overlook the recycling. It’s hard to argue with a gameplay formula that still manages to be fun 15 years after the fact, but as usual, there’s little here to draw new players into the franchise.
  40. Pokemon needs evolution not remakes, but it's still hard to resist the most feature rich version yet.
  41. 80
    Even though most of the presentation and general gameplay hasn't changed much from previous Pokemon adventures, both HeartGold and SoulSilver have an adequate amount of content, online and off, to keep you exploring until the next sequel arrives.
  42. 80
    The original Gold and Silver are getting a bit long in the tooth, but a decade of extra gameplay polish makes HeartGold and SoulSilver extremely appealing. The games are next-gen nostalgia done right.
  43. The gameplay is refined and polished to a mirror shine, and traipsing through the lovingly rendered regions of Johto and Kanto brings with it a fond nostalgia that few other games manage to evoke.
  44. It would be all too easy to grumble at the series for the supposed lack of innovation since its inception all those years ago. However, this game is a textbook example of why people keep coming back to it; it’s fun, addictive and a resounding social experience to be shared in any way possible.
  45. A funky little pocket peripheral adds a fun new twist to a dated formula.
  46. Pelit (Finland)
    Pokemon SoulSilver is the same game again, now with a pedometer. [May 2010]
  47. The absurd number of things to do after the main quest has been completed almost makes the adventure feel like a side-mission to a much grander story that unfolds as you dig deeper into the goodies that lie buried after the first 8 badges.
  48. Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold are good role playing games. Only the lack of originality will offend some players. In the end, these remakes are pretty much the best and most balanced Pokémon-games out there.
  49. Although the gyms and Johto region remain unaltered, the game has plenty of new features to make the experience feel fresh for even the most seasoned Pokémon trainer.

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  1. Jan 21, 2011
    There has already been a ton of great things said about this game so Ill make it short and sweet.

    This game is a remake of what many
    There has already been a ton of great things said about this game so Ill make it short and sweet.

    This game is a remake of what many believe to be the best pokémon game of all time. The amount of features and game play found in the original was staggering for a Game boy Color game and Heart Gold and Soul Silver retain all that made it's 2000 counter-part great, as well as including all of features introduced since. Really, the most complete pokémon game to date, a great value for your money, and a great throw back to the golden age of the franchise. The best Pokémon game ever and a Reason to pick up a Nintendo DS.
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  2. Sep 10, 2016
    Where do I start with this game... It's absolutely perfect. Easily the best game in the series, it offers everything that made the originalsWhere do I start with this game... It's absolutely perfect. Easily the best game in the series, it offers everything that made the originals great but adds so much more. It easily has the best lower screen UI in any pokemon game and everything just fits so perfectly.
    There is a definite reason why I have over 1000 hours in one profile alone.
    Not only the best pokemon game I've ever played but also the best game I've ever played, full stop.
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  3. May 7, 2016
    This game has the most content of any Pokemon game. This game is extremely fun, and is in my opinion the best Pokemon game ever created of allThis game has the most content of any Pokemon game. This game is extremely fun, and is in my opinion the best Pokemon game ever created of all main series games. I have played all main series games. Full Review »