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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Discover a joyful universe where playing is always a pleasure with Pop Island. Colorful and fun, Pop Island is an action-packed capture-the-flag game. Pick a team to join, then run, jump and spin your way around the island in an attempt to collect the priceless flags hidden throughout it. Become a surfing penguin, a flying fish or a waterskiing crocodile as you go all out for victory, unlocking 12 more joyful animals as you rack up points across eight different planets. You might even end up competing as a skateboarding mammoth. Playing alone is plenty of fun, but the madcap action reaches a new level when your friends get involved. By sharing the demo of the game via DS Download Play, up to seven more people with their own Nintendo DSi systems can use a local wireless connection to join you for some head-to-head or cooperative action. With plenty of power-ups, you'll need to concentrate on capturing more than just the rival team's flag to claim victory. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. Despite Pop Island's way too simplistic design, it oozes charm and is wonderfully silly fun.
  2. Not only does the game look and sound amazing for a DSiWare release, but it's so simple to pick up and play that you'll find yourself diving in and having fun in almost no time.
  3. Five dollars for a game you can share and play with up to eight friends is a small price to pay, especially when it's this fun!
  4. 80
    Pop Island is rather like a multiplayer battle-only version of Mario Kart, but with crazy animal characters instead!
  5. A bit boring if you're on your own, but add some friends to the mix and this is a chuckle. [May 2010, p.91]
  6. 75
    Pop Island is a very simple game that revolves entirely around Capture The Flag. Because the game can be shared with seven other friends, that makes it a wonderful multiplayer-game. The matches are short, but pretty intense and chaotic. Odenis Studios has not forgotten those who fly solo, and also offers them a nice experience for only 500 DSi Points.
  7. 75
    Single player's a good challenge, but it's all about the multiplayer. And when you get eight players competing for flags the game just gets crazy.
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