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  1. Not only do you get a host of new tracks and vehicles, but the same frantic capture the flag style gameplay returns in all of its glory.
  2. Pop Island: Paperfield is great value at 200 points, especially for those who own the original. It is easy to make the assumption that it is a bite-sized edition of the first game, but it is more akin to an expansion pack, throwing new stages and vehicles into the mix.
  3. The single-player modes are fun, but the local multiplayer download play clinches the deal.
  4. Great value download, with an excellent capture the flag game that it would be positively rude not to try.
  5. 80
    Just two bucks for a game you can share with seven other people, even on old DS systems like the Phat and Lite? That's only 25 cents a player for, potentially, hours of entertainment. You can't beat that.
  6. If you're after an eight-player game on the DSi this may be worth a punt. [Oct 2010, p.97]
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  1. Jul 11, 2011
    8 player through download play at 1.99 makes this game a steal. Pop Island focuses on simple Capture the Flag game modes that are easy to pick up and play with colorful simplistic graphics. The two game modes are simple, the first is simply collecting flags from spawn points distributed around the world and running them to your base. The second is a more standard Capture the Flag mode, where you have to steal your opponents flag and make it back to your base in time. This is a great time waster game at an amazing price. The only real draw backs are the limited number of maps and that gameplay doesn't hold up to extended play times. If you own a 3DS or DSI, pick this up, if just so you can have something to play in quick bursts either by yourself or with friends when the need arises. Full Review »
  2. Sep 2, 2010
    as you know,most dsiware titles that are being released are dum,lame and boring.Especially the ones for 200 points.But pop island was released for 500 points which was a very good game,you could play with 7 seven using ds download play.Luckily,they released another version of pop island which has the same gameplay,controls and even you can play with seven friends using ds download play.This game is just for half the price of the original one.It,s called pop island paperfield,and i'm going to talk to you about it.
    Firstly the controls are the exact same,A button for jumping (if you,re a flying animal or object and press the A button you'll fly higher) and B button for throwing fireckrackers on the opposing team.The gameplay is the same,you must collect flags and return them home.Some characters from pop island are in pop island paperfield (like the penguin and the skateboarding mammoth).Of course,there are different levels (levels in pop island are completely different than the ones in pop island paperfield).Some levels have more water than land,some are the opposite.For that,you must choose tht right character
    for ex. choose mika (the penguin) in levels that have more water than land,mika is really fast on water than on land.But on the other hand,choose rob (the skateboarding mammoth) in levels that have more land than water,rob can catch more speed on land than on water.But anyways,if mika goes on land.Just hold the A button to make him go faster.But it's a bit harder for rob.If he goes on water you'll have to hold the A button too,but he will speed up a tiny bit.There are also flying characters such as corb (the jet) and n'gai (the eagle) which are both good for almost all levels,so choose the smart way to win!
    If you own the original pop island you can unlock 4 new vehicles such as mike (the submarine) and lou (the helicopter) and 3 new maps in pop island paperfield
    In conclusion,I would say that for the game's gameplay,controls,the ability to have multiplayer mode (including ds download play) and its price.This is a game that is very worth buying!
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