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  1. The addictive hook that was there at the beginning no longer holds your concentration in the year 2009; even gods aren't immortal and while Populous will always have its place in gaming history, most of its worshippers have long since moved on to the more sophisticated simulations that resulted from Populous's bold and, at the time, groundbreaking design.
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    Populous should not have been re-released - remade and updated most definitely, but not merely re-released.
  3. The original god game will find itself short of worshipers, with gameplay that's as old as Methuselah.
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  1. Dec 20, 2011
    This game have good mechanics. It's simple and fun. Plain terrain to which your people can Build and Expand. Or attack the enemies terrain and buildings. The objective? Win the Apocalypse in the end of each stage: a war between the peoples to rest only your people. The magics of this game are very cool. And the 5 gods and the 5 demons are all very cool too. Are many themes to play, in fantasy scenarios, medieval, sci-fi, Arabian nights and many more. It's fun. Have a progressive difficulty. And a long life to play.
    I recommend.
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