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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Take your time, set your own pace, establish your own goals and adapt your play style however you like. Primrose rules are easy: There are no time limits, no levels, no arbitrary objectives and no constraints. Just place pairs of tiles on a game grid and attempt to corral groups of tiles with pieces of a different color. Surrounded tiles disappear and surrounding tiles change colors, allowing chain effects to trigger combos for massive points. You can play long matches and try to keep up with increasing levels of difficulty, or just go all out on a huge single-move combo for millions of points. Expand
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  1. Primrose is a very simple puzzle for 200 point, and it achieves its objective to be a relaxing, but challenging, experience.
  2. Primrose is the kind of game that gives back what you put into it. You can mess around and have a fun enough time, and if you're willing to put the time in to penetrate its intricacies you'll find one of the most rewarding puzzle games currently available on DSiWare.
  3. 75
    Colorblind or color-deficient gamers should support this puzzler on principle alone, but Primrose is actually a pretty solid and satisfying little game beyond that topic too -- so give it a glance even if vision isn't an issue for you.
  4. Not nearly as uninspiring or derivative as it first appears, but instead one of the most engrossing and thoughtful puzzlers of the year.
  5. Once successful, surrounded tiles flip to the colour they're surrounded by, while any surrounding tiles disappear entirely. Got it? Good. That's the entire game.
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  1. Nov 1, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 5 because I acknowledge the audience of gamers who enjoy pointlessly challenging puzzle games, but that's exactly why I'm also giving this no more than a 5. This game just isn't that fun and doesn't have much too it. It's one of those puzzle games you'll play when extremely bored (But maybe not because you'll be playing something else).

    Should you buy it? If you want to spend that last bit of cash you have on your eShop account, sure, try this game out, but don't buy this over other more entertaining titles.