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  • Summary: Over 2,000 puzzles for ultimate variety and replay value. Unique game modes include Quick Blast-beat the clock and Fast and Fun-complete as many puzzles as possible in a row without running out of time or making an error. Try the Tournament game mode for a series of randomly selected puzzles of each game type. Play against a friend in Head-to-Head mode - two different multiplay games keep friends coming back for more. 3 difficluty levels create fun for players of any skill. Create up to 4 profiles to track your performance and monitor your best times. The Stop & Save feature allows you to continue challenging puzzles next time you play. Navigate through games and menus simply by using the Nintendo DS stylus and touch pad. [DSI Games] Expand
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  1. Possessing one of the lowest bargain prices available for DS software, Puzzler Collection may be just the ticket for those looking for a puzzle fix or for some software to interest the more casual gamer in the family.
  2. Not an essential purchase, by any means, but definitely one of the better puzzle-related offerings out there for the DS. [Christmas 2008, p.102]
  3. 73
    There are plenty of crossword and Sudoku games already available for the DS, but Puzzler Collection is another respectable offering. It's got a clean interface, thousands of puzzles, and the touch screen controls have been implemented well (for the most part).
  4. A game, literally for the casual gamer. No one is going to be chomping their nails off in order to play it, but it has its moments.
  5. Puzzler Collection does exactly what it needs and no more – a host of puzzles wrapped up in a frustrating interface.
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  1. KatherineC.
    Aug 19, 2008
    Pocket Game gives generally an unfair review as the games are good - Sure , there are some frustrations, but I find that is always the same for any game! In addition, Puzzler appears to have replicated its excellent puzzles. Another thing that is wrong within the review is that Puzzler is not a moderate publisher, I have purchased many of its excellent titles over many years from a variety of retailers. Expand
  2. AndrewB.
    Aug 20, 2008
    Game satisfies as a puzzle game. Inputting numbers and letter is a little tedious. Easy to input the next letter or number next to it. Has a variety of ways of playing. Timed vs Casual and different levels. Graphics is nothing special but it is only a puzzle game so they are basic. Expand