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  1. Nov 5, 2010
    I've been playing Puzzler World almost constantly since I picked it up earlier this year. The challenges are fun and comprehensive and although they aren't always the toughest puzzles in the world, I love the sense of achievement that I get when I complete a full board of sixteen puzzles. Even though I've finished all 1,000 plus puzzles in the game, which took me about six months of casual playing, I still drop into it to play the Link-A-Pix puzzles and try and improve my time. Ubisoft have obviously paid attention to detail with this game as the little touches (hint tokens, coins and bonus games) are outstanding. Everything about the game has a quality feel and overall it's just great fun and great value for money. I have recently ordered Puzzler World 2011 from Amazon and can't wait to start playing a new challenge. I would recommend Puzzler World to anyone who enjoys puzzles or a general workout of the brain. Expand

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