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  1. Positive: 42 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Rhythm Heaven is a great addition to the DS library that's definitely worth checking out if you've ever liked a WarioWare game.
  2. 100
    Still, with such a wide selection of games to choose from with over 30 core mini-games, not to mention medals to win, "Perfect" ratings to earn, and incredibly simple yet insanely engaging Endless Games and Rhythm Toys to unlock (never thought I'd spend two hours digitally flicking a coin in tune with an ever-changing tempo), Rhythm Heaven is a must-own for handheld gamers everywhere, plain and simple, and a welcome breath of fresh air for the gaming scene in general.
  3. Although it has little problems that don't make it perfect, Rhythm Heaven is an excellent game which has to be, at least, played by every DS owner who has a bit of rhythmic sense. Those who don't even know how to get sound from a soda can will face problems while playing difficult levels.
  4. It speaks to so many things fans love about Nintendo and their products. The game shows off both the simplicity and complexity of DS, but more importantly, Rhythm Heaven is an insanely good time.
  5. 90
    Rhythm Heaven is exactly the sort of novel, deep, challenging game that people accuse Nintendo of not creating anymore. Play it.
  6. It still stands as one of the finest titles to grace the Nintendo DS. It’s packed full of content and will keep even the most experienced gamers playing for a good length of time due to its deep replay value.
  7. Rhythm Paradise is as awesome as it is difficult to explain how great it is. It should be the reference for future music games, as well as those based on short minigames.
  8. 90
    Even if you’re not a music fan you’re going to love Rhythm Heaven. It’s completely off the wall and unlike anything you’ve ever played on the Nintendo DS, not to mention incredibly fun and just as addictive.
  9. One of the few titles that does minigames right. [May 2009, p.86]
  10. A ridiculous amount of fun packed into a tiny DS cartridge, Rhythm Heaven's only real flaw is a bit of jet lag from its trip across the ocean.
  11. These musical minigames are ones that will make you laugh, challenge your sense of timing and reflex, and keep you coming back again and again. You'll fall in love.
  12. It's more than just a musical game. It's pure rhythm. Nintendo has done it again with an completely original game, and outstanding one that will hit the streets in no time. As soon as it does, it will surely become another instant hit on the market. You just can't stop playing with all the different rhythms of this bizarre but lovely game. A must-have with no doubt.
  13. Music games fans can fall in love with Ryhthm Heaven, or just the contrary, because its proposal is very different in comparison with most of the musical games in the market today.
  14. Although the game is reminiscent of WarioWare in terms of playability and content, Rhythm Heaven’s simplicity is the key to success and without trying to be too clever, Nintendo have once again redefined enjoyable gaming for the masses.
  15. Punishingly difficult, yet ostentatiously cute, Rhythm Heaven is the epitome of what a handheld music-based game should be. Forget guitar grips or funky cheerleaders! You won't find a more engaging or entertaining music experience for the DS.
  16. Rhythm Heaven is one of those rare portable games that is so addictive it makes you wish you had a longer commute to work.
  17. Rhythm Heaven is a great example of good innovation with a low budget. The great variety in the mini games mix in a perfect way with the rhythm. One of the best musical games in the market. A fresh air in videogames.
  18. Rhythm Paradise has quirky sense of style, catchy tunes and it pushes you to try harder to master the minigames. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you are doing wrong though. [June 2009]
  19. Both the music and mini-game markets have become quite crowded since the original Japanese GBA release, but Rhythm Heaven still stands out among the crowd with its charming presentation, catchy original tunes, and addictive gameplay. This is one beat you don’t want to miss.
  20. Fair warning: the game is challenging, and at times you will want to throw your DS against the wall. Regardless, you will likely become addicted to the game's unique traits and simple-yet-fun gameplay.
  21. Perfect for beat maestros but a must-play for anyone who likes fun games (everyone?). [June 2009, p.75]
  22. Rhythm Paradise is the game that all Nintendo DS owners were waiting for. It's simple, funny and highly addictive, with plenty of crazy characters that you'll love instantly. If you liked Wario Ware titles, you'll definitely appreciate this one.
  23. 83
    Rhythm Heaven does its job with style and aplomb, but anyone who's played the GBA original knows that the concept has been done better. No one who enjoys pure fun should miss out on this game...but once you've had your fill, be sure to track down a copy of the GBA original for an even better time.
  24. It is my sincere hope that Rhythm Heaven finds its audience, because for a subset of the gaming populace, it's going to be the source of many hours of enthusiastic fun.
  25. Like seeing a fantastic movie that only lasts 75 minutes. It's great but over all too quickly.
  26. The game has an elegant simplicity when set against the intrinsic fussiness of the Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands of the world.
  27. Funky, fresh and funny, Rhythm Heaven Gold transcends the language barrier with its instinctive gameplay and hilarious scenarios.
  28. 80
    Rhythm Paradise is one of those games that makes you grin unwittingly. A lovable bunch of characters, a top notch sound track and addictive gameplay all blend together to create a game that, if you're a fan of music games or anything slightly off-centre, must be experienced.
  29. If you’re looking for a rhythm game that fits the characteristics of a portable system like the Nintendo DS then Rhythm Paradise is a unique game that can provide hours of fun thanks to his simplicity.
  30. Touches like this elevate Rhythm Paradise from a fun but throwaway music game into an addictive quest for rhythm perfection. It’s not a music game as wonderfully elaborate as the superb Elite Beat Agents, but its ostensibly simple mechanics give it a sense of purity that a lot of games lack.
  31. With stylish graphics, amazingly addictive music, and ability to play it in short spurts, all this makes it a great game for those on the go.
  32. 80
    Rhythm Heaven is a testament to how simple gameplay mechanics combined with ingenuous design can create a highly entertaining and immersive experience.
  33. Nintendo has put on the DJ Phones and taken a firm hold of MS Paint and somehow managed to create pure madness on your NDS. If you previously didn't find it enjoyable to have shaolin monks hit you in the face with different dishes, all to the rhythm of techno beats, then you definitely will love it now!
  34. 80
    It's definitely worth a look if you're the type who keeps their DS for long plane, train or automobile journeys, and I've no doubt that Beyonce's relaxed endorsement of the product will see it enjoy some success.
  35. Although it may seem a simple game, Rhythm Paradise offers a large variety of minigames and a surprisingly high challenge level.
  36. 80
    This game demands exact timing and precise inputs. In that sense, it's a much more challenging affair than the prior games.
  37. Brilliantly odd music game made slightly less good by the replacement of four of the best tracks. not fair! [July 2009, p.75]
  38. Rhythm Paradise is a game which you can love, but also hate at the same time. Behind the happy visuals, there is a deep gameplay system, which can make you addicted and is not suitable for everybody in the family. If you are a gamer who doesn't give up easily, then this is your game!
  39. This unusual music game is as satisfying as it is strange, but the high difficulty limits its appeal.
  40. Rhythm Heaven ends up being pretty limited in its ambitions and scope, but I can’t deny that it had me toe-tapping along for the ride.
  41. It’s the cutest drum machine on the market.
  42. Though Rhythm Heaven hits a smattering of flat notes, its composition and concept are simply divine.
  43. Ultimately, its poor music and one note gameplay mar the experience, but players in search of something off the wall will probably dig Rhythm Heaven's imaginative design.
  44. Rhythm Paradise is fun to play. Even though the game has no groundbreaking gameplay elements and has it share of flaws. Furthermore Rhythm Paradise distinguish itself through a unique style of audio and visual and it's rhythmic gameplay. Add a low price tag and you've got yourself a interesting videogame.
  45. Unconventional collection of music minigames comes from Japan and urges all players to find rhythm within themselves. Bizarre, but a funny and creative game. [May 2009]
  46. It has an unmistakable charm, and it could have been a great game. As it is, it's hard to recommend to anyone except for hardcore rhythm game fans.
  47. A slightly disappointing sequel, but still an addictively bizarre musical mini-game collection.
  48. 60
    Additional mini games and rewards would've made Rhythm Heaven live up to its name. As it stands, however, it's a quirky, entertaining romp that deserves at least one playthrough.
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  1. Jan 4, 2014
    It's actually a really fun and unique game, but it's not really one for people who either don't play an instrument, or listen to a ton ofIt's actually a really fun and unique game, but it's not really one for people who either don't play an instrument, or listen to a ton of music(Luckily, I'm the former). However, if you do happen to be either one of those people, Rhythm Heaven deserves at least one playthrough. If you do decide to get it, prepare for a bit of rage on the Remix levels.
    Gameplay +6
    Uniqueness +1
    Soundtrack +1
    Rather small audience -1
    Difficulty spikes(Remix 8) -1
    Full Review »
  2. Mar 21, 2013
    If you thought this was one of those colored-indicators-fall-down like Guitar Hero, think again. This game is surprisingly innovative in theIf you thought this was one of those colored-indicators-fall-down like Guitar Hero, think again. This game is surprisingly innovative in the way it handles rhythmic gameplay. There are no obnoxious blocks or flashy lights to tell you if you did something right or wrong. In the game, there are creative situations where the rhythm is intuitive, and intuition is the game's strongest element. It's simplicity is more comprehensible than titles with unnecessarily complex tutorials (Rock Band). But the game also has tension, in which case the game forces the player to not only feel comfortable with the given rhythm but also play other rhythms the player has learned without transition or notice. The only que is the situation the player recognized from an earlier level. I will say this though. The only way to get a "Perfect" on a level is if the game opens it for the chance to get a "Perfect", which makes the player play levels he's already done flawlessly or not. Yes, the game can get a little bit frustrating. For example, missing beat may cost you the win. However, that is to make sure the player understands the game's standards, and soon enough, he will get there. Full Review »
  3. Sep 26, 2012
    This game is amazing. I, being a drummer for about 5 years, I think this game is a great outlet for anyone who wants to expand their talent inThis game is amazing. I, being a drummer for about 5 years, I think this game is a great outlet for anyone who wants to expand their talent in rhythm or just to have fun! A great title for anyone's DS system! I love it! Full Review »