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  • Summary: Robocalypse is an innovative real-time strategy developed specifically for the Nintendo DS. Featuring robotic armies equipped with unique weaponry, Robocalypse offers deep strategic warfare and a twist of humor. Up to 4 players can compete head to head in wireless multiplayer matches or you can lead an army to victory in the comical single player storymode campaign penned by Jay Lender and Micah Wright. Choose from over 10 distinct robot units with specialized skills and weapons all with their own distinct attitudes and personalities. Over 20 groundbreaking weapon types with spectacular visual effects, including, Converter Cannons, Falling Anvils, Head-Crack’n Gauntlet and Digitizers. Simplified controls and innovative Action Flag system reduces the complexity of commanding units. No buttons – just point and tap. [Vogster] Expand
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  1. Overall, Robocalypse is a solid and deep game with incredible presentation. It’s certainly one of the best RTS games on the system to date.
  2. Ultimately, what makes Robocalypse such a remarkable game is that no one expected it to be this good.
  3. 89
    Robocalypse offers fairly conventional RTS gameplay, but it is a well-oiled machine that plays very well. What is really unique here is the gleefully absurd humor and art style.
  4. It's a winning formula, so familiarity isn't necessarily a bad thing, but even a little gameplay innovation would have been welcome. [Dec 2008, p.98]
  5. Help save the human race from evil robots in this funny and satisfying strategy game for the DS.
  6. But everything here is still solidly done, funnier than almost any other game, and holds a unique place in the DS library. You really should start up your own Robocalypse.
  7. It's a really solid attempt at bringing an RTS over to the DS.

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