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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 8
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  1. Dec 20, 2010
    Rock Band 3 is great. It's got a solid track list, the highway-switchin' gameplay I dig, and plenty to do. I wish there are more songs and that the interface was intuitive.
  2. Nintendo Gamer
    Feb 6, 2011
    The career mode's solid. [Christmas 2010, p.74]
  3. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Dec 31, 2010
    Shame about the small tracklist, as otherwise this is a good adaptation of the console game. [Christmas 2010, p.76]
  4. Dec 20, 2010
    Making what is a highly successful music driven rhythm game into a rhythm driven music game might seem like a potentially dangerous idea. But it works.
  5. Jan 8, 2011
    People who liked Rock Band in his recent appearances on the Nintendo DS will find in this third episode the same gameplay, a decent tracklist and some minor new features. The experience is not particularly innovative, but it is still enjoyable and fun.
  6. Dec 20, 2010
    The throwback to Amplitude is a welcome reminder of Harmonix's more electronically themed music games, but the experience is too limited. Still, it's a fine game on the go. At least you can take your band on the road and not have to ride around in a sweaty, junkyard bound VW bus.
  7. 75
    Rock Band 3 for DS isn't the revolution that the home console version is, but it's still a fun rhythm game in its own right. If you love games like Amplitude and Frequency, then check this game out.
  8. Dec 20, 2010
    Rock Band 3 on the DS captures the solid mechanics found on other platforms, but a limited set list and lackluster additions keep it from stardom.

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#42 Most Discussed DS Game of 2010
#36 Most Shared DS Game of 2010
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  1. Nov 1, 2010
    I never really understood this game... you are tasked with playing 4 different tracks to maintain the band, but they are all the sameI never really understood this game... you are tasked with playing 4 different tracks to maintain the band, but they are all the same gameplay, just tap buttons as they come down. Vocals especially confuse me, as there is a microphone on the DS and Band Hero DS managed to use it to success, yet Rock Band 3 (similar to Lego Rock Band DS) just uses buttons again. This type of Rock Band is greatly different than peripheral Rock Band, and the gameplay of the DS version can get boring over time, but if you are looking for non-peripheral Rock Band, then this game will suit you fine. Full Review »