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  • Summary: Your adventure begins when an invitation abruptly arrives at your doorstep and diverts you to an entrance of a world filled with mystic beauty. Getting there is the easy part, coming home will be the adventure. In this new world, you’ll need to reach the exit of each of the 100+ rooms by sliding pieces of the rooms along a 2-D plane, forcing you to use all of your ingenuity to escape. Your character can move from room to room as long as there’s a path that isn’t blocked by a wall or obstacle. As you continue the adventure, you’ll encounter several tools that will introduce new elements. Use teleporters, wardrobes, hydrants, and other objects to navigate your way through. Blending the simple gameplay elements of classic brain-teasers with a mystical adventure and an art style all its own, Rooms: The Main Building delivers a mystery filled adventure that will leave you stunned. [Hudson Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 90
    Nintendo made a wise choice releasing Rooms: The Main Building in Europe, not merely because it was a sound business decision given the current market trends, but because Hudson / Handmade Game's DS sliding-tile-puzzler-with-a-twist is a contender for 'Best in Genre,' proving to be a highly enjoyable, must-try experience on the Nintendo DS.
  2. Despite all these gripes, Rooms is still a blast to play. While $30 may seem a bit steep for the title that, when boiled down, is nothing more than an advanced slide puzzle, once the game inevitably lands in the bargain bins it is definitely recommended for any puzzle fan.
  3. Amazingly, Rooms manages to turn hateful tile-slide puzzles into something compulsive and fun. As a package, however, it's a little disappointing. [May 2010, p.61]
  4. Rooms: The Main Building had managed to get our attention, but it fails in the end. It's proof that if good ideas are enough to hook the player, they have to be used with ingenuity for him to keep playing. Rooms interesting game design is cursed with a less-than-inspired level design : the lack of challenge nullifies any pleasure one may get in using the items lined-up to solve the riddles of every stage. Too bad, some of the better rooms were a hint as to what that game could have achieved, but didn't.
  5. It offers an original concept, but there are things that don't fit well overall.
  6. A really advanced puzzler with huge amount of content. Unfortunately, the quality of the puzzles is really uneven, from pure genious to pure tedious and the presentation isn't that good either. In the end, there far better puzzle games out there, so why bother with a mediocre one.
  7. Bland visuals mixed with a boring story. A shallow and repetitive puzzle game that we really can't recommend for anybody.

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