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  • Summary: Rune Factory 2 is set several years after the first game. The evil Sechs Empire has been defeated, and the Kingdom of Norad is once again at peace. Things may not stay that way for long, however, as dark premonitions foretell of dangers to come. It's up to player to uncover the source of these premonitions and bring peace to the kingdom once more. Over the course of the story, players will build and develop a farm, befriend townspeople, raise monsters, take on quests, and find a wife. Rune Factory 2 offers innovative Touch Screen controls, easy-to-use menus, and an all-new compelling storyline. In a first for the Rune Factory series, the story of Rune Factory 2 is multigenerational. Players begin the game as Kyle, a strange man who comes to Alvarna Village. Eventually, players will take on the role of Kyle's child, opening up a whole new adventure. It's an innovative feature that allows players to follow the story of their family and the townsfolk over two generations. [Natsume] Expand
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  1. Rune Factory 2 is packed with depth and content and offers a tremendous value for its package.
  2. Harvest Moon fans who never played the first Rune Factory are obliged to play this one. Natsume promised: Rune Factory is a new franchise, which will follow a different path from Harvest Moon. Until now, the tracked path hasn't disappointed.
  3. 84
    This sequel is not very far removed from its predecessor at all, and while that doesn't make it a bad game, it should be taken into consideration for fans who've already invested tons of time into exploring last year's effort.
  4. It is long, boring and tedious, and seems to exist entirely to extend the game's length and force players through uninteresting toned-back gameplay to get to the actual fun. Thankfully, once you get past the first generation, Rune Factory 2 is a completely worthy, if not particularly different, sequel, and one that any Harvest Moon fan should enjoy.
  5. 79
    It may sound like Rune Factory 2 is a worthless game, but that's only my tendency to focus on the negative, and it is especially frustrating because the developers made so many avoidable mistakes.
  6. Dull quests make it a step down from the original. [Oct 2010, p.83]
  7. Enjoy a fun fantasy adventure and addictive farm management without having to wake up at dawn.

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  1. ZachSmith
    Jul 15, 2009
    I definetly recommend this game. I got it about 4 days ago and I still can't put it down. I'm actually playing it while typing. The RPG elements really stand out and when you finish the main story you can continue taming monsters, harvesting crops, and even get a mate. I would recommend this game for all ages. When I got the game I had EXTREMELY high expectations and it met all of them. You can tame pretty much any monster and get it to work on farms, help in battle, and you can even ride it. I LOVE IT. Expand
  2. AnonymousMC
    Dec 6, 2008
    I dunno why there are no reviews for this fantastic game. It's the best Harvest Moon I've played since the gameboy color. This is what the original Harvest Moon should've developed into. Beautiful DS graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and so much to do. This is the type of game I've been waiting for, It's my overall favorite game on the DS. Every single last character (and there are many) is fully developed and fully interactable. Anything that annoyed you about farming in harvest moon has pretty much been fixed here in Rune Factory. The art design is wonderful, the game looks like a beautiful painting. The music is atmospheric, whimsical, nostalgic. Too bad it seems to have had no American advertisement and hasn't really been sent to any critics (or so it seems).

    Don't miss this title! I haven't played a game like this since I was kid with an SNES and a gameboy. Of sort of the ''new age classic'' games It maybe the best game to come out since those days,
  3. TE
    Mar 23, 2009
    This game is superb, the management of the farm was entertaining and the social aspects of the game are fantastic. I love the fact that there are so many women to choose from, it really opens up your choices! The only downside is that, particularly for harvest moon veterans who know how to farm very well, the side quests are few and far between, you can complete them all in one or two days and it feels like a week passes before you get any more. But, all in all, one of the best handheld games I have ever played and I look forward to future installments. Expand
  4. Sep 14, 2011
    As a huge fan of the series from all the way back when I imported it for my birthday in 1996 as Bokujo Monogatari for Super Famicom (wow, I feel old now), I must say I'm very biased when it comes to this series. Within the context of the series and the Rune Factory spin-offs as a whole, this one is the best one, bar none. My only game-specific complaint is that it could be more difficult, but that's not enough to keep it from a perfect score. What is enough to dock a point is the voice acting. I dislike voice acting in games as a whole, with Doom III being the only exception. While not quite as annoying as the voice acting from "Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin", at least in that game I could turn it off. Expand
  5. Jul 3, 2011
    Rune factory 2 is an overall great game that is one of the best on ds, but the game has problems. Rune factory is a new installment in the spin off series harvest moon. In the game you take life at your own pace and spend most of your time farming, or you can accept many quests and not farm that much. The game is basically what you get when you mix Animal Crossing with Fable. Rune Factories biggest problem is that each story level is about as epic as the average side mission in a normal RPG.The games story is very simple and and shallow, you are a kid who walked into a town and you have no memory of your past. You meet some people that give there old dried up farmland... and thats about it. Rune Factories visuals are very nice and unique , but I am sad to say that the sound is not. Once in awhile the game's sound will just go out for a second (this is very rare, but still annoying) and the game has only like 3 or 4 tracks. Rune factory has really good and simple gameplay, and for a RPG the gameplay is amazingly fun. Overall Rune Factory is a fun and original DS game and every one who like's life Sims or casual RPG's should own this game. Expand
  6. May 27, 2014
    Story: 7/10
    - Entertaining elements here and there; not very remarkable.
    Gameplay: 7/10
    - Fighting can be slow and clumsy, but the farm
    life is reminiscent of the actual Harvest Moon titles.
    Art: 8/10
    - Cute anime characters.
    Characters: 8/10
    - Even though there is almost no character growth at all, most of the characters still manage to be interesting.
    Sound: 8/10
    - Serene soundtracks.
    Enjoyment: 8/10
    - I enjoyed playing this game for the most part, even though the voice acting is among the worst I ever heard.
    Notable horrible voices: Jake and Byron.