Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS

  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Release Date: Nov 18, 2008
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Summary: Rune Factory 2 is set several years after the first game. The evil Sechs Empire has been defeated, and the Kingdom of Norad is once again at peace. Things may not stay that way for long, however, as dark premonitions foretell of dangers to come. It's up to player to uncover the source of these premonitions and bring peace to the kingdom once more. Over the course of the story, players will build and develop a farm, befriend townspeople, raise monsters, take on quests, and find a wife. Rune Factory 2 offers innovative Touch Screen controls, easy-to-use menus, and an all-new compelling storyline. In a first for the Rune Factory series, the story of Rune Factory 2 is multigenerational. Players begin the game as Kyle, a strange man who comes to Alvarna Village. Eventually, players will take on the role of Kyle's child, opening up a whole new adventure. It's an innovative feature that allows players to follow the story of their family and the townsfolk over two generations. [Natsume]
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Rating: E
Developer: Neverland
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol
Online Modes:Competitive
Number of Online Players:4 Players Online
Cast Credit
Yoshifumi Hashimoto Producer & Supervisor
Yoshifumi Hashimoto Producer & Supervisor
Minako Iwasaki Character Design
Kanako Tateno Cecilia (Voice: Japanese Version)
Kanako Tateno Roy (Voice: Japanese Version)
Masahide Miyata Scenario And Director
Tomoko Morita Music Composer
Miwa Yasuda Alisha (Voice: Japanese Version)
Kozue Kamada Rosalind Remunando Viviaajyu (Voice: Japanese Version)
Mamiko Nodo Doroshii (Voice: Japanese Version)
Ai Bandou Kanon (Voice: Japanese Version)
Hidemi Anzai Orphas (Voice: Japanese Version)
Hidemi Anzai Ray (Voice: Japanese Version)
Mayu Yamaguchi Lamria Remnand Viviajyu (Voice: Japanese Version)
Mayu Yamaguchi Natalie (Voice: Japanese Version)
Takahiro Fujimoto Douglas (Voice: Japanese Version)
Takahiro Fujimoto Helijaques Remnand Viviajyu (Voice: Japanese Version)
Te Inada Bry (Voice: Japanese Version)
Te Inada Godon (Voice: Japanese Version)
Masaru Suzuki Barrett (Voice: Japanese Version)
Josh Snyder Voice (English): Kyle, Roy
Mamiko Noto Doroshii (Voice: Japanese Version)
Ayako Kawasumi Julia (Voice: Japanese Version)
Maaya Sakamoto Kairu (Voice: Japanese Version)
Nana Mizuki Mana (Voice: Japanese Version)
Ai Maeda Yue (Voice: Japanese Version)
Ryouhei Nakao Jake (Voice: Japanese Version)
Ryouhei Nakao Max Remnand Viviajyu (Voice: Japanese Version)
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#22 Most Discussed DS Game of 2008
#34 Most Shared DS Game of 2008