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  1. clashjam
    Apr 12, 2009
    Game has major bugs when normal words are occasionally rejected. It's an intermittent problem but I have had "zoo" and "join" not allowed. The only way to fix is save game, exit then reload it. Also, the way to zoom in and out is complicated and unreliable. All in all, what a bitter disappointment!

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  1. There is stat tracking, but it’s not very in-depth, and with a game so basic that it’s commonly played with blocks of wood I have to think it could have been fleshed out into a different, though similar experience.
  2. 74
    The single-player portion leaves a lot to be desired thanks to the shady AI, though it's still good practice. Multiplayer can be a lot of fun though, and that's really the whole point anyway.
  3. This edition of Scrabble for the DS is a good traveling companion. It’s easy to play and pass around, and the ability to share the game with others without multiple cartridges is great. The various option settings and the training and ranking features add to the overall experience.