Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood DS

  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 30, 2008

Mixed or average reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 55
  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
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  1. Let’s get this straight, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a solid RPG through and through, but it doesn’t really play like one.
  2. A decent first attempt at a Sonic RPG, perhaps not good enough to appeal to the masses, however it should keep Sonic fans satisfied.
  3. Sonic Chronicles is undeniably a nice-looking game, and its slick presentation makes for an enticing experience to begin with. The longer you play, however, the more the cracks start to show, and what seemed like a potential minor classic is soon reduced to just "pretty good".
  4. 70
    All in all, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a fairly easy and light RPG that I'm sure younger gamers will have a blast with.
  5. Sonic Chronicles is a solid Roleplaying Game. Especially the use of color, fluid combat and the diversity in mini-games are really persuasive. On the other hand, the story is hardly worth following and feels rather dull. But, in all fairness, Sonic Chronicles will give you lots of gameplay, even if you don't like blue hedgehogs.
  6. With easy RPG dynamics, Sonic Chronicles is a title that will only really appeal to fans of the fastest hedgehog in the known universe or younger DS gamers.
  7. 70
    Hardcore Sonic fans will definitely want to check this one out, as it offers a strong storyline and entertaining writing that's on par with the best fan fiction.
  8. Little of the BioWare magic for telling an engaging story through impressively written dialogue and deep characters was used, and repetitive battles and too many generic enemies don't help matters. And for a game about a speedy hedgehog, it too often plods along slowly.
  9. A noble effort by the folks at BioWare to translate the lore of SEGA's beloved hedgehog and his cronies to an RPG format. Largely, the game succeeds at providing an interesting experience. However, it seems to be too simplistic for its own good, lacking the depth of gameplay needed to make it truly special.
  10. It’s also an excellent introduction to the RPG genre for Sonic fans or those that usually find them too overwhelming and don’t want to spend hours levelling up their characters.
  11. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a decent first attempt at giving the speedy hedgehog a new genre to explore, but the game lacks the addictive and challenging elements that make RPG fans want to keep exploring and progressing.
  12. Considering the initial shock of a Sonic RPG, and the potential, I think that SC could’ve been a bit better in most aspects but TDB definitely lays solid foundations for the probable sequel. It really is an RPG but delivered Sonic style; fast and fun.
  13. A fun RPG while it lasts, but can wear thin over time. Great visuals and level design help overcome some missed potential.
  14. BioWare has created a rare beast with Sonic Chronicles; a beginner's RPG that is pitched perfectly for the hedgehog and handheld’s younger followers to identify with, while still possessing its developer’s unmistakable sheen of quality.
  15. 70
    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a solid role-playing experience, but it's ultimately an overly lightweight one that is unlikely to truly grab the attention of genre veterans.
  16. games(TM)
    There are better RPGs out there, there are better RPGs on DS, but better Sonic Adventures? You’d be hard pushed to find one. [Dec 2008, p.114]
  17. 69
    This game could only really be suitable for Sonic fans and younger gamers. Sonic aficionados will love a change of pace and a slight return to form for the blue spikey wonder. It also forms a fantastic introduction to the RPG world for kids as it is lightweight enough that they won't get bogged down by statistics yet it'll still introduce them to the basic concepts of RPGs before they move onto some of the true favourites on the DS (such as the Final Fantasys and the forthcoming Chrono Trigger).
  18. Sonic Chronicles is an admirable attempt to revitalize an aging franchise, but it ultimately suffers from an identity crisis and never really hits its stride.
  19. Even with all the minor gripes, aside from the unfortunate plot spoiling, the JRPG elements are traditionally solid and keep the title from falling into the art of the rip-off.
  20. 65
    On the gameplay front though, players will need to suffer through tedious point-to-point fetch quests with very little story to push the experience, and a battle system that gets too repetitive far too fast.
  21. A complete average, if not slightly subpar, RPG. If it wasn't for the fact that it had Sonic characters in it, it wouldn't stand out at all. The combat system is interesting but flawed, the gameplay is slow and rather tedious and the plot is as cookie-cutter as they come.
  22. Sonic's first foray into the role-playing realm is a laudable effort, but it ultimately falls short of its potential.
  23. 65
    Charming, but simple and repetitive. Sonic fans may find some fun, but there are far better RPGs to be found on the DS.
  24. 65
    Surprisingly fun and competent, though far from the shot of adrenaline the franchise needs to return to its former glory.
  25. It has a lot of good ideas, but none of them are fully fleshed out and turned into truly great gameplay additions. The story is forgettable, the equipment and level ups may as well not even be there, and everything just feels half-finished.
  26. The problem with the game is that it plays to none of Sonic's strengths while simultaneously underlining all of the franchise's most famous faults. You're ultimately left with the conclusion that actually a Sonic The Hedgehog role-playing game probably isn't a very good idea. That said, BioWare has done the best it could with a difficult brief.
  27. Edge Magazine
    How do you craft an RPG around a character defined entirely by movement? We’re not sure that you can, and BioWare hasn’t proved otherwise. [Dec 2008, p.96]
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Something is missing in this hedgehog’s story. Technically perfect game, but lacks in enjoyment – there are no challenges no thrills ... no fun. [Nov 2008]
  29. The storyline, art direction, and world exploration are top-notch here, but the tiresome combat sucks the life out of an otherwise enjoyable adventure.
  30. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood isn't a bad game, it's just a disappointing one. If you're a diehard Sonic fan, it's probably the best outing containing your favorite blue hedgehog in years, regardless of how low a benchmark that may be.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 84 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 23
  2. Negative: 5 out of 23
  1. Jan 27, 2013
    This sonic game is a rare jewel: combines adventure and RPG with the most loved characters of the franchise. It has nice graphics and aThis sonic game is a rare jewel: combines adventure and RPG with the most loved characters of the franchise. It has nice graphics and a interesting plot. In the fights you will use the stylus to perform the character's moves, which add much fun. If you're a Sonic fan or a RPG fan, I recommend this game! Full Review »
  2. Aug 31, 2015
    Even though it is slow pace this is surprisingly a good sonic the hedgehog game we have gotten in a long time. I love how you can play as allEven though it is slow pace this is surprisingly a good sonic the hedgehog game we have gotten in a long time. I love how you can play as all the characters including my favorite, shadow the hedgehog. it's cool how you can choose sonics dialogue on how he responds to people whether it's negative, positive, or just wisecracking towards character he is talking to. Full Review »
  3. Feb 6, 2013
    A weird game that I am surprised I enjoyed as much as I did. It plays entirely with touch controls and this works pretty well. The battles areA weird game that I am surprised I enjoyed as much as I did. It plays entirely with touch controls and this works pretty well. The battles are performed by doing rhythm game style timing challenges, which is fun if a little repetitive. The game isn't challenging when compared to RPGs like final fantasy but it is a great introductory game to the genre. The story is pretty forgettable but I did like that they managed to put all the annoying sonic characters like big the cat in the game without them being infuriating. The graphics are pretty decent with some nice hand drawn areas and decent character models. Overall though it's a game which I feel needs a sequel a this game has so much untouched potential, and there is a massive cliffhanger at the end. Full Review »