• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
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  1. 90
    An extremely polished DS title. It does a great job offering a fantastic, energetic old-school challenge that keeps the classic gaming style alive.
  2. Sonic Rush moves Sonic's 2D adventures over to the DS, and that positive trend continues with a platformer that focuses on raw speed while still managing to do interesting new things, particularly when it comes to the handheld's dual-screen format.
  3. Game Informer
    The great level designs provide frantic fun, but despite my many fond memories of Sonic, it's difficult to heap praise on a game that makes me feel like I'm still playing the Sega Genesis. [Jan 2006, p.157]
  4. This game is well done and even though I have played it for two days straight, there is still more to see and do.
  5. Not only is the game very polished and extremely fun to play, it doesn't abuse the DS by trying to take advantage of all of its features.
  6. 70
    The designers did attempt to break up the simplistic game play a bit by forcing Sonic and Blaze to stop and fight a handful of mechanical terrors every once in a while, but it doesn't really add much to the overall game.
  7. As much as I might admire the precise way everything's been put together, and enjoy compulsively dispatching Zone after Zone, I still can't abide the way it builds you up and then runs you straight into someone's swinging baseball bat without warning.
  8. 70
    Sonic Rush certainly isn't revolutionary, and it only barely makes use of the touchscreen, but it is a decent distillation of what's kept a sprite-based Sonic alive in the age of textured polygons, as long as you're fine with more of the same.
  9. 80
    With a bright, buoyant soundtrack, sharp, eye-catching visuals, and tightly-wound responsive controls, Sonic Rush is the Sonic game Sega's needed to make for years.
  10. Even if linking up with friends is a toss, hitting the single-player with Sonic or Blaze is more than enough pandemonium for one person.
  11. It’s annoying however to be traversing through a level and then without any warning or because you were moving too fast you’re thrown to the bottom of the screen and death. I’m all for a challenge, but this kind of punishment simply is not good design.
  12. The stages are huge, well-detailed, and genuinely fun to poke around in. As far as side-scrollers go, it's high quality.
  13. Edge Magazine
    It instantly shares the same atmosphere and pleasure as the original Sonic classics did 15 years ago, even if it does little to move them forward. [Christmas 2005, p.111]
  14. Aside from some repetition and a few minor technical flaws, Sonic Rush delivers a wholly satisfying old-school experience, kicked into extreme overdrive.
  15. 80
    Sonic Rush is the best hedgehog game since the beloved Sonic CD, and platforming fans will have to be taking some serious downers to not get a rush from what Sonic has to offer on the DS.
  16. Sonic Rush pays tribute to the original game but also adds some welcome new features that really make this game more enjoyable than ever.
  17. AceGamez
    Sonic Rush is not only a great Sonic game that takes you back and shows you what made him great, and it's not just a great evolution for the series either - it's simply a great DS game that will last you a good while.
  18. Thwarting Dr Robotnik's nefarious schemes have never been this fun, especially with the blue hedgehog on the DS. Good clean fun for Sonic fans all over.
  19. Play Magazine
    That Sonic epiphany we've been waiting for all these years has finally arrived. [Dec 2005, p.70]
  20. The action is all the more overwhelming spread across both screens of the DS, requiring sharp changes in focus from screen to screen as Sonic sprints a one-minute mile.
  21. 80
    It's vibrant and fast, easy to pick up, and as satisfying as a speeding hedgehog can possibly be in the long run.
  22. Sonic Rush is an excellent pick-up-and-play title that's as addictive as any in the series, and has better graphics, sound, and presentation than any title before it.
  23. Nintendo Power
    SonicTeam has done a magnificent job of distilling Sonic to its purest essence without making it feel like we're treading old territory. [Jan 2006, p.105]
  24. 80
    Sega have successfully blended basic 3D and amazing 2D into the game, anyone who has moved away from Sonic in recent years has a great reason to come back to the series now.
  25. 80
    It's just so well polished and lightning quick that it just begs to be played by anyone who loves Sonic, Sega, excellent platform games, or just pretty colors.
  26. Perhaps the first Sonic game that had Gamestyle reaching for the instruction manual. It starts a bit vague in regards to how it should be played, but it soon clicks into place.
  27. Sonic Rush may be the best side-scroller on the DS so far. The level design is inspired, and the rush of speed, to use an appropriate word, that should be inherent in Sonic games is not only present, but may be at its most intense yet.
  28. Fantastic levels designs, intense gameplay, enjoyable boss encounters and plenty of new tricks brings Sonic back to finest.
  29. Would I rate it above the Advance games? Yes. Would I rate it above the Mega Drive games? No. And before you think it, it’s not nostalgia; this reviewer’s Mega Drive is still hooked up and in use.
  30. Not even "New Super Mario Bros." has topped this game. An instant Sonic classic.
  31. Sonic may be in a rush, but Sega clearly wasn't when they crafted this glorious game. [NGC Pocket]
  32. The game supports full online support through Nintendo's WiFi service, although hooking up with friends and staying close to servers can prove a bit hasslesome at times.
  33. Sorry, but Sonic Rush is just a mediocre offering and should be passed over for better titles unless you are a big fan
  34. One of the few DS games that not only takes advantage of the platform but doesn’t try to shoehorn in use of every feature as well as having great gameplay.
  35. Exploring as Sonic or new character Blaze the cat is rewarding, even if enemy placement can be stupidly punitive, demanding rote memorisation or lightning use of the dash attack to avoid calamity.
  36. 70
    With the fast and furious gameplay of old once again rediscovered, it’s only the odd moments of glaring level-design error that cause the kind of dismay that a selection of the 3D titles offered up.
  37. 85
    The action is fluid and fun, though some of the difficulty is a bit off. It looks gorgeous, and I give top props to the developers for the engine in both the normal stages and 3D boss battles.
  38. 85
    If you loved Sonic way back when, never lost touch or want something that will help you traditional gamers dip your toe into the new DS pool then go down to your local retail store at sonic speed to pick up this quick yet fresh entry into the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  39. Like Sonic this game breaks through barriers of speed, sound, time and convention. A true return to form indeed.
  40. Overall in terms of game play Sonic Rush offers great Sonic game play with evolutionary changes that really were needed to make the series feel fresh again.
  41. You played the original Sonic games for the eye-numbing speed, the best-in-class platforming action, the wonderfully detailed backgrounds and of course, the challenge. With Sonic Rush, Sega have managed to cram in all of that with improvements, although some may not like the way in which the difficulty level is achieved.
  42. Any Sonic fan, or fans of sidescrollers in general, would be a fool to pass this game up. Sonic Rush is truly a blast to play and a fine example of what Sonic games should be all about.
  43. Sonic Rush is still a little too out there for me to appreciate as fully as the classic games on the Sega Genesis, but it is a big, big step in the right direction, with improved gameplay mechanics and greatly improved level design.

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#9 Most Discussed DS Game of 2005
#8 Most Shared DS Game of 2005
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 113 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Jan 12, 2014
    This is platforming to the most extreme level. The game's many long levels have been crafted perfectly to give you a real "rush" like feeling.This is platforming to the most extreme level. The game's many long levels have been crafted perfectly to give you a real "rush" like feeling. The basic story may only take you 8-12 hours to beat, but the story isnt really over then. If you do something (can't say), then something will happen, greatly extending the hours to play, and you won't get bored with it! The multiplayer is also amazing as you get to race around with your friend, very rush-like! I highly recommend this game to all sonic and platformer fans!!!

    Gameplay: 10/10
    Story: 8.5/10
    Music: 9/10
    Presentation: 9/10
    Length: 9/10
    Overall: 9.5/10
    Full Review »
  2. Jan 24, 2012
    Sonic Rush showcases the awesomeness of the DS rather well, with fast-paced sonic awesomeness taking place over both screens. I haven't playedSonic Rush showcases the awesomeness of the DS rather well, with fast-paced sonic awesomeness taking place over both screens. I haven't played a Sonic game on a Nintendo Handheld that I haven't enjoyed. It isn't fantastic, just great. Where it succeeds is the gameplay and difficulty, very good. But where it fails is in level design and music. The levels are mostly good, but there are one or two that aren't so great and the game contains what is quite possibly the most annoying soundtrack I've ever heard on the DS. But, it is great and Blaze isn't actually that bad, maybe a tad pointless, but not that bad. Full Review »
  3. Oct 18, 2011
    best originally handheld sonic game that isnt called sonic advance, so go get its rly cheap actually preowned, so yeah, (agents are...) GO getbest originally handheld sonic game that isnt called sonic advance, so go get its rly cheap actually preowned, so yeah, (agents are...) GO get it now, and i give it a 94%, and i rly dont know what didnt make me give it a ten, but what the heck? Full Review »