Space Bust-A-Move DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 20
  2. Negative: 1 out of 20
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  1. Puzzle Bobble Galaxy really pulls out the stops to deliver a must-have Puzzle Bobble experience. It still commands a decent price, but it's definitely worth picking up regardless of cost, whether you're a fan of the series or just like a good bit of puzzling on your DS.
  2. Space Bust-a-Move doesn’t significantly improve upon its classic arcade predecessor, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It offers the same intense, fast-paced gameplay that we all know and love from Bust-a-Move, except that it’s in an outer space setting.
  3. If you aren't a fan of this 15 year old franchise then this won't change that, but everybody else will have a great time surfing the galaxy and busting bubbles!
  4. Best of all, Space Bust-A-Move is easy to pick up and play, serving up its puzzle fun in bite-sized doses.
  5. Single-player modes galore, multiplayer action, unlockable bubble and arrow designs, and tight controls make this game very addictive and entertaining.
  6. It was always about the gameplay, and with the classic gameplay mixed in with various modes and a tight control scheme, there's little left to complain about.
  7. Although Puzzle Bobble Galaxy is not one of this year most original titles, it is hands down a great revival of the series, with plenty of options and different game modes.
  8. The only disappointing thing is to see that touch screen controls have been downgraded; however the inclusion of online multiplayer and Taito Paddle controller support greatly makes up for it. The game is highly recommended for people who are fans of puzzle games or the Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble series.
  9. 78
    The follow-up the company created for Space Bust-a-Move isn’t much of an evolutionary step beyond a couple of new gameplay elements – the Cosmos Bubble is a nice addition, as is a new power-up that wipes an entire horizontal row from the screen in a single shot.
  10. Space Bust-A-Move is an addictive game with a lots of singles and multiplayer modes. The colorful graphics, the funny sounds and the huge unlockables in the game are some of the best points in this new coming of the franchise. It accepts multiplayer mode for up to four players online or with close friends using only one card. The classical bust-a-move game is here, but with many new possibilities in this travel around the galaxy.
  11. If you liked previous Bust-A-Move games, then Space Bust-A-Move will provide you with plenty of portable puzzle gaming. It's not going to make anyone change their mind on the formula.
  12. This is a fun, challenging and entertaining game that offers just the right type of gameplay that Bubble Bobble/Bust-A-Move fans expect. For the rest of you that have never played a game in the series feel free to get your space suits on because Space Bust-A-Move is a blast!
  13. The only thing inherently disappointing with this game is that... it's the same thing that's been coming out over the past decade-plus.
  14. Nintendo Power
    If you're a puzzle fan and haven't played the series before, be sure to check it out. [Sept 2009, p.90]
  15. Don't expect anything revolutionary: In ten years Puzzle Bobble will probably be still the same. But it will also probably be as good as it is now.
  16. Nintendo Gamer
    It is still the same old Puzzle Bobble, so it's only worth 69. [Nov 2009, p.73]
  17. Games Master UK
    Survives on retro puzzle charm. [Nov 2009, p.62]
  18. The DS's second serving of Bust-A-Move has little new to offer but the same old coloured bubble matching.
  19. Edge Magazine
    Puzzle Bobble's hardly become a bad game, it just doesn't seem interested in getting any better. [Oct 2009, p.99]
  20. In the end, what traditionally wins over a crowd of prodigious puzzle solvers is the gameplay and Space Bust-A-Move just doesn't deliver. Even with local and online multiplayer, the game does not give me the addictive, time sucking experience I look for in a puzzle game.

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