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  • Summary: Unleash your inner-chimp! Play as both Ham the Third and Luna with your space chimp crew to free the imprisoned aliens of the Planet Malgor. You must use your brains and acrobatic brawn to survive thick alien jungles, escape dry desolate canyons and well guarded dungeons in order to defeat the Evil Zartog and find your way home. [Brash Entertainment] Expand
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  1. As it is, I can only recommend a rental based on the relative short gameplay and replay value.
  2. Space Chimps surprisingly doesn't suck as long as we're talking about the platforming sections. It's basic stuff that you've played before, but it's also done well -- kiddies who liked the movie will get a kick out of it.
  3. This tie-in from the Vanguard Animation movie is a basic platformer, clearly inspired by Mario and Sonic. Not really innovative, but nonetheless could be fun for the youngest ones.
  4. Compared to some movie tie-ins it's a virtual masterpiece, compared to anything else though it's still only just above average.
  5. Some of the monkey animations are cool, though. [Oct 2008, p.77]
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