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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Spaceball: Revolution will put your intelligence and skill to the test as you solve puzzles in a futuristic environment. Copy the figures that appear on the top screen, using energy balls that make the boxes correctly change color. It won't be an easy task. Different obstacles will be thrown into your path, challenging you to polish your aim and think rapidly. Fifteen different levels are waiting for you in Spaceball: Revolution. Are you up to the challenge? [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. 80
    Spaceball: Revolution is yet another hit from the team at Virtual Toys on Nintendo's DSiWare service, mixing together the need for quick reactions with a modicum of brain power to give gamers a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle outing for the low price of 500 Points.
  2. Spaceball Revolution is a noteworthy title within the digital download portfolio of Nintendo DS.
  3. As with other score-based arcade puzzlers, portability is a major plus. Though the multiplayer aspect and online leaderboards have been stripped from this WiiWare-to-DSiWare port, Spaceball: Revolution still makes for a fun solo experience
  4. It gets hard quickly but should keep you entertained. [June 2010, p.97]