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  1. The high-speed racing, combined with a dedicated combat interface, makes for a exciting mix without placing too much emphasis on the vehicle-versus-vehicle matches.
  2. Speed Racer The Videogame is surprisingly good. Very good. It blends fun gameplay with superb graphics. Its biggest problem is that there isn't more to play; the single player can be conquered in a fairly short period of time, and the lack of a story means there isn't a whole lot of pay-off for doing so.
  3. 80
    Speed Racer is a game that gets a lot of things right but it never goes that extra mile. The license probably does make the game better than it should be but that doesn't mean you should give it a miss.
  4. 80
    With a slick 3D engine and a fluidity that stays locked to 60 frames per second, Speed proves an excellent substitute for F-Zero -- at least, that is, until Nintendo finally gets around to releasing the real thing.
  5. The DS proves that it can handle speed and detail, and even though the rivals cheat, this is a game that turns out to be a winner.
  6. This is one of the better movie spin-off games we have seen on the DS in a while. Great game play that will appeal to speed freaks, however the car combat aspects are under done and disappoint when compared to releases of this game on other platforms. The difficulty level may put off the younger player.
  7. Speed Racer's entertainingly off-the-wall fun already puts it ahead of other titles that bank on a movie license to draw in fans.
  8. 70
    A forgiving, kid-friendly experience. Any times I somehow fell off the course were balanced by the times I probably should have, but didn't. Since you never actually explode, it's pretty much mindless fun, even when dealing with AI that always seems to manage to catch up.
  9. While those negatives seem significant on paper, the reality is that when you're actually playing, you'll find that the game's intensity has a way of luring you back for more.
  10. A genuine surprise. The intoxicating mixture of exhilarating stunt work and impressive pace help to make this a top-notch racing title, albeit one with a few disappointing issues.
  11. Not quite hitting pole position, Speed Racer is more like a bronze medalist that you secretly want to support.
  12. 60
    Speed Racer had potential but missed out in the end. The game’s AI is unbalanced, the Jump Attack mini-game feels like a gimmick and when you miss jumps you’re advanced ahead of other players. If you’re a Speed Racer fan or just like fast paced games in general though, then Speed Racer: The Videogame will appeal to you.

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#98 Most Discussed DS Game of 2008
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  1. Jun 2, 2015
    The startup of the game, menu and interface may give a bit of a cheap impression, but the game itself is awsome! The gameplay is fun andThe startup of the game, menu and interface may give a bit of a cheap impression, but the game itself is awsome! The gameplay is fun and extremely action packed for a racing game! Driving on twisted tracks at high speeds while doing tricks and crushing opponents is just so satisfying and different, that once I start up this game, I can't lay it down in the next hour.
    There is also lots of unlockable stuff.
    As you only start with 1 driver and 1 car, you unlock more by earning more fans, which is sort of a currency in this game. Also there are lots of different modes which you can switch to if you would get bored with the other ones.
    Definitely not what I expected from a movie licensed game which's movie isn't all that great either...
    Only reason why it loses some points is again: that the menu and overall interface could use some polish/ look a bit more sharp.
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