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  1. The game’s graphics are comparable to previous entries but decidedly larger in scope. You can’t always tell but it’s hard not to be impressed by the scope when the camera pulls away and shows you the level you’re playing through.
  2. 90
    A very well-thought out game that deftly avoids practically every pitfall and delivers a flat-out awesome gaming experience.
  3. I won’t cookie-cut – the DS rendition of Spider-man 3 will undoubtedly provide more entertainment than its multi-million dollar big-screen counterpart. Activision should be commended on a job well done.
  4. I loved the new control scheme that literally allows you to draw your moves, zip to buildings, and engage in exciting combat. There is a great story, colorful graphics, and just a fun time to be had with this latest Spidey title.
  5. 81
    It was a risk to make an all-stylus action game in a design that's usually been a more traditional-controlling experience, but the team pretty much nailed it. The combat system's collision could be tighter and just a little more "fluid," but it's a hell of a lot of fun kicking bad guys' butts with quick flicks of the wrist.
  6. The superbly implemented web-slinging and touchscreen combat of Spider-Man 3 more than makes up for the lack of mission variety.
  7. Spider-Man 3 is a slick beat-'em-up that uses the touch screen in ways that actually enhance the experience of playing the game.
  8. Partially wasted license aside, Spider-Man 3 is a fluid, fun, refined handheld game that clearly benefits from being the developer's fourth Spidey game on the system in less than three years.
  9. 80
    All in all, if you're going to pick up a game based on the movie, this is the one to grab!
  10. Easily the best Spider-Man 3 title of the year. If you own a DS and love action games, pick this up. The fighting system is going to be copied in the future, I guarantee it.
  11. Sure, it’s a rail-fighter at heart, but the game offers enough variety and action to keep you suitably occupied. This is a well-rounded product.
  12. It takes advantage of the unique points of the Nintendo DS with a simple fighting system, and it overcomes the system's limitations with a nicely done smoke-and-mirrors presentation of swinging freely through a 3D city.
  13. 80
    Far better than the Wii iteration, this is an engaging and good looking action game with classic gameplay and innovative controls. For Spidey fans on the go, it’s good stuff.
  14. A decent enough action-adventure in the vein of GTA and Crackdown. Spider-Man's web-slinging abilities are depicted very well. Go for the Xbox 360 version, the rest are not worth your time. [June 2007]
  15. Way too over reliant on the D-pad diagonals. [July 2007, p.71]
  16. The game barely clocks in at five hours, and there's not much to do after that.
  17. For gamers looking for something more substantial or impressive it has little to offer, but Spider-Man 3 DS betters the Wii, PS3 and 360 versions, without any need for their technical muscle and big-budget gloss.
  18. As usual, Spidey delivers a decent handheld experience that will be great for kids.
  19. After a couple of mediocre attempts to capture Spidey's movie magic on the DS, it seems that Vicarious Visions has finally gotten it right. [July 2007, p.95]
  20. The DS version of Spider-Man 3 is a lot like the DS version of Spider-Man 2, but with a new, slick touchscreen interface that, while nice, does nothing to address the problems the last game had.
  21. 60
    The game can be fun and rewarding and does a pretty decent job at not massacring a movie franchise, but can grow tiresome rather fast if the fighting bores you.
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  1. Nov 11, 2011
    "Spiderman 3" is one epic DS game. It has all the freedom you have for a 3-D side scrolling game as well as the challenging but intriguing boss battles and enemies. Expect fun. Full Review »